Custom Car Magnets for Marketing And Beyond

Car magnets make a hassle free way to get your message out there; and make your brand seen by potential customers. Anything imprinted on car magnets will be seen by everyone who passes by your car. It means that your message will get a wider audience than you thought. The high visibility of these custom magnets  can also help you attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

Company vehicles are  not just for attending sales calls and a way to move around the town– you can put them to use in marketing your brand & services! If you have a vehicle that needs branding, the best way to do it is to  use car magnets to attract attention while you’re on the road!  Get your logo and message imprinted in full color to make a statement. Moreover they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; that will work for any size vehicle from a compact car to a truck.

Car magnets will also stand out easily with its full color imprints and the slightly elevated look. They are UV resistant and outdoor safe. They are available in thicknesses above 35 Mil that make them stay firm on the vehicle surface and withstand wind and the speed of the running vehicle. Car Magnets are useful in multiple ways. Apart from being a great way to advertise your business; they will enhance your professional image while you drive around the company vehicle. A branded company vehicle will give all of your clients the impression that your brand is highly professional; and that  you take pride in your sense of ownership and legitimacy of the brand.


Further, car magnets can be beneficial for all types of businesses. In fact any business that has a company vehicle will find car magnets as an affordable way to promote their brand.

How to design a Car Magnet That’ll Make a Statement

Full color printing gives dramatic results

Take Advantage of Full-Color Printing  to make your logo car magnets stand out wherever your vehicle may be. A well designed magnet will grab easy eyeballs no matter whether your vehicle is stuck in traffic or parked on the street. Bright colors, interesting taglines and artwork are some of the branding elements that will turn heads.

Less is More 

Car magnets have a limited imprint space. So, make sure not to overstuff too much information. All you really need is your logo, phone number and website URL. The ultimate objective is to make sure that anyone who sees is able to understand your message easily in a few seconds that they get before the vehicles whizzes past them. If you wish to make your car magnets an excellent marketing tool, make sure it is easy to read at the first place.

Always Use Bold Fonts

Choose bold fonts that are easy to read on the go. The viewers may get only a split second to read your message. An eye catchy logo and  a tagline will get registered in the minds of people easily than tons of text that is hard to read.

Should you need more tips on custom car magnets, reach out to our team.

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