How Custom Magnets Make Your Fund Raising Events Successful

Custom magnets are budget friendly and effective tools to get your message out there and increase your local brand presence. One of the most creative local advertising ideas that marketers sometimes overlook is the use of logo magnets. Custom magnet advertising is a durable, low-cost strategy; to enhance your brand visibility and reach. The best part is that there are many ways that you can use magnets as part of your local advertising campaign.

Custom magnets have always been proven marketing giveaways for businesses. But did you know that they work just as fine as fund raising items as well? Models like car magnets and awareness magnets can be effectively used to raise funds for the social cause that you are supporting. Magnets can be customized as donor giveaways or as appreciation tokens for volunteers.

Custom magnets are available in a wide range of models for both indoor and outdoor applications. For instance, you can use car magnets to support a cause; or use fridge magnets to engage your audience with your brand in a personal way. Sports schedule magnets are also effective for raising funds for sports leagues.

Easy to customize, logo magnets will keep your contact information in plain sight of the audience So people can easily reach you to be apart of the cause . Thus custom magnets are one of the best and cheap advertising ideas; no matter how you wish to go about it!

Easy to incorporate

You can even slip in these full color custom magnets into your product packages as freebies; to send home your consumers with your branding message. Being low cost,, custom magnets also make a great choice for mass events like trade shows or mailer campaigns.

Fundraising Magnets Keep your message in People’s Minds

These full color custom magnets will make a promotional keepsake that will double up as a tangible reminder of your event. Customize these magnets with your brand and you are all set to get incredible display. These magnets get a grand display on cars or on fridge doors-the spot where it matters the most! Every time your recipients open the fridge to see what’s for dinner they will be reminded of your social cause and will surely be inspired to be a part of it. Thus custom magnets not just grab instant attention of people around but will out your message in a positive light with the users.

How magnets help in fund raising

Easy To Distribute

The success of every fundraising depends on how far you could spread the word. More the visibility of your message more will be the participation of the general public. Conventional methods like posting signs and flyers is a time-consuming process and may not be as effective as you wish. Whereas fundraising magnets are easy to distribute In person or as mailer items thanks to its light weight and compact design.When you distribute a fundraising magnet, you can be sure that your recipients will put on their refrigerator where your message will get a grand display.

Budget friendly

The goal of fundraising is raising money to support your cause or organization. So, ideally you should choose a budget friendly option to promote your organization. The right fundraising products like custom magnets can make a huge difference in your success. Available in a wide range of models and price rates, these logo magnets will help you to raise money for your organization without having to resort to expensive promotional methods . You can buy magnets in bulk while sticking to your budget and sell it off at a higher price to raise funds for the event.

There are plenty of creative and cheap fundraising ideas with magnets to raise money for your local club or organization while also getting your local message out there. Using magnets to raise funds isn’t new. However you can use creative ways to raise money for your local club or organization.


Magnets win hands down as fund raising items because everyone loves to be part of social cause. When they get something fun like magnets they can use in return. You can even offer custom magnets as a prize in silent auction or hand them out to the public to raise awareness.

If you’re looking to recruit new volunteers, consider printing your contact information on magnets. Magnets will readily make its way to the fridge doors where they remain for a long time; thereby reminding people of your cause and inspiring people to be part of this mission.You can also offer free magnets in exchange for donations. It is an effective way to increase your donor base, and raise money without a big upfront cost.

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