Custom Refrigerator Magnets will Make Your Brand a Talking Topic

Fridge magnets are extremely popular among marketers for advertising purposes. Designed to be placed on refrigerators and metal surfaces, custom magnets make a high visibility way to display phone numbers and other important information. Ideal for all types of businesses including restaurants, fashion brands, real estate agents and more, these full color magnets will increase their brand visibility.

Custom refrigerator magnets are also popular as keepsakes and personal favors for events like weddings or family reunions. The high utility and fun element of magnets make it an effective tool for promoting brands and connecting with customers.

Benefits of Refrigerator Magnets

Cost-effective: The low cost advantage of custom fridge magnets make it a great choice for start up companies and budget marketers.
Easily customizable: These full color magnets are fully customizable. You can add your logo, message and artwork to engage the audience and to transform these logo magnets into your brand reminders.
Long-lasting: Fridge magnets do not wear out or expire over time.
Convenient: Logo magnets make great fridge décor items and a handy way to keep your brand in full display. This will make it easy for customers to remember a business’s name and contact information.

Make repeat impressions

Custom fridge magnets Increases brand visibility by offering consistent exposure to customers who see it frequently.


Besides, fridge magnets are also ideal for promoting all types of events and businesses. So, they are perfect for various purposes like store promotions, special events and awareness programs.

Targeted marketing

Refrigerator magnets are also ideal for targeted marketing as marketers can distribute it to a specific area or audience through mailers or trade shows.


Being light weight and compact, custom fridge magnets are indeed easy to distribute


Magnets are ecofriendly compared to other marketing materials such as flyers or paper ads.

What are Refrigerator Magnets?

Custom fridge magnets feature a magnetic base and a vinyl surface that can be imprinted with your logo and message. The strong magnet base will surely make it easy to stick to fridge doors and other magnetic surfaces. Often a top layer of lamination is applied to protect the magnet from scratches and moisture. In addition, fridge magnets are sturdy and long-lasting,

How Thick Should a Refrigerator Business Magnet be?

Fridge magnets are 20 Mil in thickness; but can vary depending on the specific design and purpose. Fridge magnets are sturdy enough to hold its shape and withstand regular use while also being thin enough to ensure easy placement and removal.

How to choose the right size

Fridge magnets are also available in various sizes. So, choose an appropriate size that will make the magnets noticeable, informative, and above all visible from a distance.

Are these Refrigerator Business Magnets Flexible?

Magnets are also flexible and are designed to conform to the curved surface of a refrigerator door or any other metal appliance. Moreover, being flexible, magnets are also easy to stick, reposition or remove.

Customization tips

  • Keep the design simple and visually appealing.
  • Include necessary contact information such as company name, contact details and call to action message
  • Use contrasting colors to ensure readability.
  • Use high-resolution graphics
  • Choose a suitable size that is visible but not overwhelming.
  • Distribute the magnets to target customers

Do Fridge Business Magnets Weaken Over Time?

They do not typically weaken over time. However, the adhesive used to attach the magnet to the business card or promotional material may deteriorate over time, causing the magnet to detach from the surface.

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