Drive Your Brand with the Power of Car Magnet Advertising

Marketing on cars and trucks with full color custom magnets can be an effective way to reach your niche audience. Make leads on the go with these budget friendly marketing tools.

Targeted Advertising

If you wish to reach out to a specific demographic, car magnets will be a great choice. Whether it is students, shopping crowd or business owners; you can ensure maximum attention from your key audience by planning the route of  your business vehicles. These prospects are typically hard to reach through traditional advertising methods; while car magnet marketing allows you to engage this niche audience directly.

High Visibility

Magnets enjoy an incredible visibility no matter whether your vehicle is stationery or in motion. This means the same people will see your ads multiple times in a day ; thereby reinforcing your brand’s image.

Location Specific Marketing

If you’re a local business, car magnets will be crucial tools to reinforce your local presence and to get the word out about your brand in your community.  It will enhance your company’s local reputation while making valuable impressions for your brand that too on a low budget.


Car magnets are quite affordable unlike many other forms of advertising like billboards. The low cost advantage of car magnets will make it an ideal giveaway for mass events like trade shows.

Long lasting

Car magnets are also durable and resistant to weather. Thus your ad on these magnets  will remain in front of your audience for a long time without needing replacement. If you are looking for giveaways with assured ROI, look no further than car magnets.


Most traditional forms of advertising are intrusive; but car magnet advertising is subtle. People can see your message without disrupting their day. Thus it will create a more positive association with your brand.


Car magnets are versatile. Marketers can print any design or color to create visually striking ads that grab people’s attention. Easy to remove and reposition, car magnets can be used on different vehicles at different times to infuse a fresh appeal to your promotions.

Brand Awareness

A visually appealing car magnet can be a moving billboard, which will drive up your brand recognition. Your brand on car magnets will become a familiar sight on the streets. Thus it will create a strong presence in the minds of viewers.

Potential for Direct Engagement

Depending on the event or setting, car magnets will offer an opportunity to engage directly with potential customers. For instance, if you’re sponsoring a golf tournament, you can mail out golf themed car magnets as mailer items to the golfers on your list.

Car magnets will suit every marketing plan with ease. Consider a model that will match your marketing theme. Customize it with your message and you are all set to create a lasting impact. However, like any marketing strategy, success of car magnet advertising will depend on a variety of factors, including the quality of your ad design and your specific demographic. Make sure to understand the preferences of your prospects before investing in this advertising strategy.

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