Magnetic Direct Mail Marketing in Health Care Sector

Many folks out there will agree with us that magnetic direct mail marketing in healthcare field is nothing but an “old wine in new bottle”. All these years’ clinics, pharmaceuticals, and big hospitals have relied on direct mail marketing to pass their business information. Today, they have discarded the paper postcards in favor of these magnetic postcards, which are offered with an attractive fridge magnet attached to them.  Utilizing a postcard magnet for advertising is equivalent to “kill two birds with one stone”.  Got it? No, then read through these lines –
By gifting a magnetic postcard mailer a healthcare advertiser is not only passing vital business information, but also offering a good fridge decoration tool! Oh that ultimately sounds good.
An arrow can kill many birds at a timeNo, it’s not an exaggeration. Unlike the regular paper mailers, the magnetic mailers will be seen by many people at any given point of time. They can easily find their way to cupboards, kitchen or office cabinets, refrigerators, and etc.  On close observation you will find that these postcard mailers start behaving like a mini billboard, which attracts thousands of onlookers on the street or city junction. The repeated views will provoke an onlooker to reach out for you during the time of medical emergencies. Some studies have suggested that it requires 5 viewings before people start accepting you as a brand. It remains to be seen, how many times you go near the refrigerator, or kitchen cabinet, or office cabinet? Obviously up to 20 times in a day right? Yes, sometimes even more than that. This means you are inching closer and closer towards the brand!
The magnetic direct mailers can be utilized for –
  • Addressing existing customers and new prospects
  • Informing about new value added services and custom products.
  • Sending invitations for inauguration of new plant in a medicine manufacturing unit or addition of new ward in the hospital or opening of new pharmaceutical franchise in the city, and etc, or to inform about relocations to new city.
  • Informing patients to collect their leave behinds for authorities at waiting rooms/offices
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Informing about special discounts or offers on certain pharmaceutical products
  • Informing about special camps, or blood or kidney donation drives being organized in the city.
As you can see, these mailers can make large difference to your life with their high utility value. If you want to become a part of it, then you set off immediately and contact us for more details on the same.
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