Custom Oval Magnets – Most Popular Choices in Promotional Magnets

Custom Oval magnets are one of the trending choices for businesses to highlight their brand. The unique oval shape will make it a great alternative to traditional square or rectangular magnets. Whether used for personal expression or business  promotion, oval magnets make a versatile canvas to display logos, artwork, or any custom design. With their eye-catching shape and customizable options, oval magnets will literally take your branding potential to a new high.

Uses of Custom Oval  magnets

Brand promotion

Versatile and eye catchy, oval magnets are perfect to promote all types of businesses and events. They will stick neatly on magnetic surfaces like fridge doors and filing cabinets, which in turn will help increase brand visibility and awareness.

As décor items

People love to use these full color custom magnets as décor items. Customized with logo and artwork , oval magnets stand out easily.

As product package inserts

Pique curiosity in the minds of your customers by offering something extra in the form of custom oval magnets. Insert these  magnets in product packages or mailer envelopes to enhance the overall packaging design and attracting the attention of potential customers.

As trade show Merchandise

Oval magnets are surely a popular choice as promotional giveaways at events, trade shows and  marketing campaigns. Moreover, they not just make a constant reminder of the brand  but will also engage your recipients with your message.

For awareness campaigns

In addition, non profits and community organizations can use custom oval magnets to raise awareness about a cause or campaign. Customize these with your logo and message to spread the word and engage supporters.


Besides, oval magnets are ideal to raise funds for a social cause  Everyone will surely love to buy these trendy magnets and be part of the cause. These eye catchy magnets even serve as a token of appreciation and help promote their involvement.

Popular Sizes

Further, oval magnets are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit the needs and preferences of your prospects. Choose from various popular models like fridge magnets and outdoor safe car magnets to complement the various branding needs. Outdoor oval magnets are also UV resistant to ensure long-lasting colors that won’t fade quickly when exposed to sunlight or other elements.  Businesses can thus customize their oval magnets to achieve the desired look  to make it stand out.

Easy to customize

Oval magnets can also be customized with your brand, message and artwork to make them unique and true to your brand. These full color, customizable magnets are indeed a fun way to get your prospects engaged with your brand without being overwhelming.

Further more, custom oval magnets offer a versatile and effective way to enhance branding. They can also be applied to various magnetic surfaces, , making them suitable for a wide range of applications. So, oval magnets offer limitless possibilities of creative expression for businesses and individuals. Order right away.

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