Custom Magnets – Billboards That Never Fail To Attract Your Prospects

Custom magnets will help marketers to get the most from these promotional giveaways. Available in various models, sizes and shapes, car magnets are fully customizable. So, you can add your logo, artwork and message that you wish to share with your prospects.  You can even advertise a sale, discount code or competitive prices! Options are all yours when you have versatile handouts like custom magnets

Why custom magnets

Custom magnets are Ideal Advertising Tools for all types of promotional events that range from one-time events to long-term marketing strategies and everything in between!  It is a cost effective way to get your message across to the masses without being intrusive.  Budget friendly, durable, easily portable, and reusable, logo magnets are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Custom magnets are an affordable way to target the local audience; and create top of the funnel brand awareness.  Available at a fraction of the cost of conventional ads like billboards, custom magnets will also fit every marketing theme and every genre of audience alike. Logo magnets do not involve monthly fees or renewal charges unlike radio spots or TV commercials. Small businesses can get creative with their logo magnets to get their message across.

Highly visible

Full color custom magnets will never fail to grab the attention of people around. By putting an easy to read, eye-catching message or an interesting artwork, businesses can reach out to their target audience easily.

Make your signs pop

Branding is important to let your audience know you’re professional. So, choose appropriate graphics, fonts and colors that reflect your brand identity. An eye catching magnet will not just engage your target audience with your message but will also set off word of mouth publicity.

Magnets are repositionable

As magnets are repositionable, marketers can employ these to announce short term discount sales or deals as you remove the signs when it is done. Thus you can choose the ideal duration and the most appropriate spots to display these promotional magnets to make it stand out to catch the eye of every potential customer.

Custom magnets Improve brand visibility

Custom magnets are indeed a proven way to capture sales. Add your brand and message to influence a customer into committing to a sale. Studies also show that an appealing design  is great at bringing in new business and securing sales.Custom magnets are obviously an exceptional marketing tool – they’re affordable, eye-catching, portable, and reusable. The big plus is that they’re completely customizable and are also ideal for promoting all types of events, businesses and campaigns . Let your creativity be your guide!

So, if you have been looking for a tried and true marketing tool that works, custom magnets will make an ideal choice. For instance, models like car magnets can be customized to promote bands, outdoor fairs and events. These eyecatching logo magnets will get more people into your venues

Custom calendar magnets make great mailer items to promote local art festivals and events. While it will list out the whole list of art festivals of the year for the prospects for businesses it will make a great branding tool. Win-win!

Custom fridge magnets make great fund raising items for non profits and charity organizations.

Being versatile, logo magnets can be deployed in your promotional strategy in countless ways. Explore our complete line of custom magnets to choose a model that suits your needs.

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