How to Choose Custom Magnets Of the Right Thickness

Understanding the thickness of promotional magnets will indeed help marketers to choose an appropriate magnet of the right thickness.  Not all magnets are the same. There are even magnets or varying thicknesses , which are designated for various purposes. For instance, a fridge magnet can never double up as an outdoor car magnet because it is not strong enough to stick to the surface of a speeding vehicle.  

Typically magnetic sheet thickness is often described in terms of Mil, which  is thousandth of an inch. Though it is the standard unit to measure  the thickness of a magnet, it also plays a role in the strength of the magnet. Magnets with a higher Mil will obviously be more stronger. To make sure you’re getting the right magnet for your needs,  you should understand what different thicknesses mean for the magnet.

Defining a Mil

One mil is 1/1000 inches or 0.001″. To put it another way, a 20 Mil magnet would be about as thick as 5 sheets of paper. A 20-mil magnet is typical for indoor applications. 30 mil magnets like vehicle magnets on the other hand is stronger and is ideal for outdoor applications. Anything over 50 mils is typically strong enough for industrial applications.

Indoor Magnets – 20 Mil

A 20-mil magnet is only strong enough to hold itself to the magnetic surface like the fridge doors and just strong enough to hold up to four pieces of paper. Some of the popular models of 20 Mil magnets include calendar magnets, business card magnets, fridge magnets and so on .

Outdoor Magnets – 30 Mil

The standard thickness for outdoor magnets is 30 mil. Moreover, these magnets are strong enough to withstand outdoor conditions like sun and rain. Popular models include car magnets and warehouse labels.

Industrial Magnets – 50 Mil thickness or more

A 50-mil magnet is strong and suitable for labeling purposes in warehouses, factories and other industrial settings. Besides, it will stay in place firmly and is not easily removed, though they are thin enough to be able to cut with sharp scissors. Further, common uses for these magnets include shelf labels, inventory organization and dry erase boards.

Explore our complete line of custom magnets in various categories to find magnets or the requisite thickness. Should you need helpful tips, reach out to our friendly team . We are happy to help you find the right strength magnet and customize magnets that meet your promotional needs.

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