Make The Best Brand Impressions With Custom Business Card Magnets

Fun to customize the way you fancy, custom business card magnets will enhance your brand image like never before. Available in various sizes , business card magnets offer a lot of options as well. So, if you have been looking for a unique promotional item that will meet your branding needs, look no further than business card magnets.

Why business card magnets

They are trendy

Paper cards are passé as they get damaged or misplaced easily. Magnetic business cards will reserve  a prime display spot on fridge doors and filing cabinets thereby earning easy eye balls..

Long lasting

Magnetic business cards are far more durable than traditional paper cards as they are water and tear resistant. Thus they last longer and provide a better ROI. The best part is that your audience will retain it for a long time thereby developing an emotional connection with your brand.


Magnetic business cards serve a purpose. In addition of providing your contact information, they double up as fridge décor items and even a handy way to pin up reminders and shopping lists. The high utility of these logo items will make them far less likely to be tossed in the trash than traditional business cards.

Mailer friendly

Light weight and compact, custom business card magnets are ideal to hand over in person or to send it across as mailer items. So you can get your message across far and wide when you use merchandise like business card magnets. Having the best promotional tool will only make your job half done because the ease of distribution is what fulfills your marketing objective.

Enhances your brand visibility

Keep your business offerings in front of potential clients with these handy, full color magnetic business cards. From fridge doors to filing cabinets , magnets also occupy strategic display areas; and are a fantastic way to spread your brand, and promote your company message. Fridge magnets are indeed the perfect way to make your brand stick in the minds of potential customers. In addition, they can make a lasting impression on anyone who sees them. As they are designed to last long you’ll get great and continued promotion from these handy little items.

Easy to customize

Custom magnets offer a high visibility imprint space which can be exploited to the fullest by marketers. Apart from the basic details like logo and contact information, you can even think of adding taglines. QR codes or artwork among others. The ample customization options is what makes custom business card magnets interesting handouts.

High visibility

Besides, on an average, people visit fridge door around 20 times a day. So, you can imagine the incredible display that your message will enjoy and how effectively business card magnets can get your message into the homes and hearts of your future clients. Make it more engaging by  using business card magnets to announce fee offers, show off your award-winning prowess  or celebrate  business anniversaries.

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