From Fridge Doors to Car: How Custom Magnets Enhance your Brand Popularity

Custom magnets are a versatile and effective way to promote businesses, teams or events. Easy to customize with your brand and message in full color, custom magnets are perfect  for branding and advertising.

How custom magnets enhance your brand popularity

Brand promotions

Magnets promote your  brand in a subtle way without bothering the audience. These full color magnets stick to various surfaces such as cars, refrigerators, or file cabinets to make strong reminders of your brand for a long time. Every time your prospects see your message, their brand recall will also increase drastically.

Advertising new products

If your business is planning a new product launch,  custom magnets can be a great way to advertise it. Easy to distribute to customers at trade shows and during direct mail campaigns, magnets will even take your message far and wide effectively.

As trade show swag

 In addition, magnets can be an effective giveaways at trade shows. They are low cost, portable and easy to customize with a design or message that represents your brand.

Increasing brand awareness

 Custom magnets are  crucial to increase brand awareness and recognition. By placing them in various locations, marketers can display their brand to their target audience  on a regular basis.

As Décor items

These full color magnets available in various shapes make incredible fridge décor items. People also use them to hold photos or notes on refrigerators or other magnetic surfaces. Magnets are also ideal to make an announcement or share information with customers. For instance, if you wish to drive a special campaign on your new menu, look no further than fridge magnets, which will literally keep your lipsmacking menu in front of the audience. So, they will surely reach out to you first when they need these delicious items.

Fostering customer loyalty

Besides, custom logo magnets can be given as giveaways to customers, which can help foster customer loyalty and create a positive impression of your brand. Include it in product packages to enhance the value of the package and offer a little surprise to the customers.

Marketing a fundraising or charity event

Promotional magnets are a great choice to promote fundraising or charity events. In addition, you can distribute it to participants, donors, or volunteers to help spread awareness and raise funds. Being cost effective, these can be brought in bulk and sold off at a reasonable price to raise funds for the cause. Your recipients will also be happy to buy these logo magnets and be part of  the fund raising campaign.

Portable branding

Custom car magnets can advertise your business on your vehicle: They are an affordable way to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

As save the date magnets

Custom magnets even make popular wedding favors or save the date reminders: Further, you can add details like wedding date and couple’s names to turn it into memorable keepsakes.

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