How to Make Your Business Card Magnets Stand Out

Your business cards reflect your brand identity and make the best brand reminders. So, it goes without saying that you need the best business card magnets to leave a lasting impression among your audience.

If you are new to the idea of business card magnets, these tips will help you to get started

Make your Business Card Magnets unique?

Your business cards should make eyes pop and make your brand stand out. An eye catchy business card will make it easy for your clients and customers to remember your brand. You can customize your business cards using online design tools if you have a creative head. Or you can seek the assistance of graphic designers to come up with a design that will complement your branding theme. You should include all the necessary contact information, such as the business name, phone number, logo and artwork among others .

How to make your business card magnet stand out

Eye-catching design: Use bold fonts, interesting artwork and bright colors to create a design that catches the eye.

Unique theme: Adopting a unique theme related to your business or industry will make your cards unique. For instance, to promote your spa you can choose spa themed templates that will drive home the message effectively.

Creative content: A cute artwork or a witty phrase will all get people talk about your business. Put on your creative caps to come up with some compelling content to make your business cards one of its kind.

Functionality: Enhance the functionality of your business cards, which will also enhance the retention of these cards by adding a unique feature to your magnet. For instance, you can add a small calendar, kitchen conversion units or  a bottle opener to the business cards. It will help you to create a memorable card that is highly useful for the recipients as well.

What are the Benefits of Business Card Magnets?


Business card magnets have a longer lifespan compared to traditional paper cards and are never misplaced or damaged unlike paper cards.

Brand exposure

The daily exposure that these business cards enjoy will help increase brand exposure as it serves as a constant reminder of the business.

Easy to find

Your contact details will always remain in plain sight of the prospects as business card magnets remain securely stuck to fridge doors and filing cabinets. Thus these business card magnets are more likely to be found when needed, making it useful for potential customers.


Marketers can customize magnetic business cards with unique artwork, logo and other branding elements to highlight their brand identity easily .


Business card magnets that are never outdated can be effectively used for promoting various events and industries. Probably , business cards will continue to make marketing tools that are here to stay for ever even in today’s digital world.

Summing up

Business card magnets are  durable and functional alternative to traditional paper-based business cards. They are cost-effective, handy and easy to find. The ease of customization will make business card magnets versatile marketing tools for all types of business promotions. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection to choose a model that will fit your needs.

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