Everything You Need to Know About Car Magnetic Signs

Ever wished to have a sign board that will go wherever you go? With magnetic car signs you have a portable signboard that will make impressions by the mile. Available in various sizes, these full color magnetic signs will stick onto the majority of metal surfaces. They are easy to apply, take off and even transfer from location to location to serve a variety of advertising needs.

Car magnetic signs will look great on pickup trucks, cars and automobiles and trucks. They are thick and made from good quality magnetic material and are outdoor safe and long lasting. This is a good method of advertising for someone who uses their vehicle for business and for pleasure or personal use.


Car magnetic signs are also versatile signs that most businesses will find convenient. Ideal to promote your team, event or business promotions, car magnetic signs are indeed hard to overlook. Moreover, these magnets can go just about everywhere. These can be used on different vehicles of your fleet to optimize your branding. So, if you wish to display your magnetic signs at an offsite location like a trade show, these portable signs are great options.

Car magnetic signs are also great as promotional giveaways, raffle gifts, prizes, fund raising items and more. Thus car magnetic signs are fun and make tangible reminders of your brand. Customers will love to get these freebies for signing up for your services. You can give away custom car magnetic signs to attendees who visit your booth at the trade show. to keep your brand on top of their mind for a long time

Easy to customize

Further, You can add your logo and message and just about everything that you think desirable on magnetic car signs. You can opt for a full color design for an even greater impact. An interesting magnetic sign will advertise your message and engage the audience with your brand wherever you go.

On a rough estimate, there may be thousands of fellow commuters on the highway. So, just think of the impressions your brand will make as you commute to your workplace, do special errands or even when the vehicle is parked in the parking lot. Every time, someone is bound to read it and jot down your information for future reference. Placing your ad, at the right place at the right time has definite advantages.

Afterall, who likes to dig through tons of  yellow pages when they can choose a provider who they saw on a magnetic sign in traffic. These vibrant signs will even set off word of mouth publicity.

More value for your dollars

Custom magnetic signs are also cheaper than traditional publicity items like newspaper ads and radio spots , which cost exorbitant though they have only a short shelf life. They also ensure maximum flexibility, visibility, and functionality.

Visually appealing

Besides, car magnetic signs are larger and more noticeable. These will carry your message across effectively and will never fail to impress the audience. Outdoor safe and long lasting, these custom magnets retain their color clarity for a long time and are safe to use in all weather conditions. Made from superior quality magnetic stock material, these full color magnets will make everyone stop on their tracks. If you wish to get a wide angle display for your brand on a modest budget, there cant be  a better choice than custom car magnetic signs  

So, how do you think custom magnets will enhance your brand visibility? Tell us your ideas.

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