Maximize Business Exposure with Custom Magnetic Signs

Are you looking for an interesting promotional strategy to boost your outdoor branding? Look no further than custom magnetic signs. These temporary signs will bring tons of benefits to your marketing campaign. Available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, these full color magnets will make your business name stick in the mind of your target clients, which in turn generates new leads and sales.

There could be many occasions where marketers may need a sign on a truck or trailer but not permanently. Magnetic signs will fit these bills

Easy to design

Probably what make custom magnetic signs a great promotional item is its incredible customization possibilities. There are virtually no limitations on the design of a custom magnetic vehicle signs. You can add your logo, message or artwork to create a magnetic sign that everyone will appreciate.

Easy to apply, reposition or remove, these full color vehicle signs will take your message far and wide at one time investment. Thus magnetic signs are great for enhancing the look of a business vehicle or an entire commercial fleet.  You can even use it on your personal vehicle as you  can easily remove these vehicle signs from your personal vehicles soon after the event.

Magnetic signs can be placed on car doors or the back of the vehicle to ensure ultimate visibility. You can even place it on different vehicles in the same fleet to add a fresh appeal to your outdoor promotions.

Magnetic signs are easy to care

Cleaning magnetic signs is very easy. Just wipe it with a mild soap  and cloth to remove dust and grime. Make sure to take off magnetic signs before taking your vehicle through any car wash.


 While conventional ads like billboards are static and hence can engage only those that happen to see it; car magnets on the other hand will take your message wherever the vehicle goes. Thus it is a proven strategy for target promotions. All you need to do is drive around the vehicle embellished with your branded car magnets among the target crowd to promote your brand and make people aware of it. 

Budget friendly

Car magnetic signs are budget friendly and hence will fit every marketing budget with ease. No matter whether you are planning a low budget promotion or a mass campaign on a modest budget, car magnetic signs will make a great choice. If you wish to make a great return on investment, look no further than custom car signs. Just think of the incredible impressions your brand will make every time your business vehicle hits the streets! The big plus is that your brand will make countless impressions at one time investment without any repeat effort.

Car magnetic signs are popular and cost-effective way for businesses to promote their brand .If you are looking for a unique marketing opportunity that reaches a wide audience, car magnetic signs will make a perfect choice. As vehicles travel along busy roads and highways, the eye-catching design of a car magnet can easily capture the attention of passersby. Being highly visible, car magnetic signs create brand awareness and serves as a constant reminder for potential customers.


Car magnetic signs are versatile and well suited for businesses of all types.  In addition, marketers can even use it on the company’s fleet vehicles or on personal cars driven by employees. No matter how you wish to use it, car magnetic signs will make a simple yet effective way to promote your brand in a forceful yet non-intrusive manner.

Should you need further details, feel free to contact us and we are happy to assist you. Nothing beats the quality and cost-effectiveness of our customized magnetic vehicle signs.

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