Magnetize Your Brand Image with Custom Magnets

If you wish to get long-lasting advertising and brand exposure at one time investment, look no further than custom magnets. Designed to last long and look great, these promotional tools will help you to score your goals with ease

Custom magnets are not just a fleeting advertising method that people easily forget about. These full color magnets will  stick around for a long time to ensure consistent brand exposure. Once your recipients stick these full color magnets on their fridge, it becomes a constant reminder of your brand. Just think of the impressions your brand will get every time they grab a drink! Unlike other conventional promotional items like brochures that people may toss away easily, logo  magnets have incredible staying power. It will keep your message in front of potential customers for months or even years to ensure the best value for your money.

Further, custom magnets are not limited to any marketing niche or industry They can be used to promote any brand or event and the potential to reach a wider audience beyond the sphere of your target audience. When your recipients use these magnets in their homes, offices, or even on their cars, they become mobile billboards, spreading your brand message wherever they go. Thus anyone who happens to see these magnets will become curious to know more about your brand. This extended reach increases the chances of attracting new customers who may not be familiar with your brand previously

Versatile and popular, logo magnets are ideal as promotional giveaways, fund raising items, mailer items or more to promote any event or brand. No matter how you wish to incorporate these magnets to your branding mix, they continue to promote your brand and expand its reach.


Custom magnets are fully customizable with your brand, message or team colors. The incredible customization scope allows you to create unique and eye-catching magnets that resonate with your target audience. By adding your branding elements into the magnet you can create easy brand recognition and create an emotional connection  with the recipients.


Custom magnets will fit any marketing campaigns including new product launch, special promotion announcements and more. You can also distribute them at trade shows, community events, or even in direct mail campaigns. The versatility of these magnets will allow to get creative to suit your specific goals.

Budget friendly

The winning card of custom magnets is its low cost advantage. Moreover, custom magnets will cost you only a fraction of other promotional strategies like billboards and TV ads. Let’s be frank about it. Nothing can beat custom magnets when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Get long-term exposure at one time investment with logo magnets. With their durability and ability to stick around for years, logo  magnets also provide ongoing brand exposure without additional expenses.

Maximizing ROI with magnets

Logo magnets obviously offer an excellent return on investment (ROI) due to their high retention and visibility. As they continue to promote your brand for a long time at a very small initial investment, marketers are rest assured of ROI.


The versatility of football magnets will literally allow marketers to use it in a wide range of promotional settings and to reach a wide audience, thereby making fresh leads.

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