The Art of Making Your Logo Magnets Effective

If you have been wondering how to use custom magnets better, his post is  just for you. Choosing the right magnet model is only half your job done. Creative customization is what turns them into your branding vehicles for non stop promotions.

Let Customization  work  magic

Customization is not just about adding basic details like your logo or contact information.  Put on your creative caps to come up with something interesting like a peppy tagline or a compelling call to action message that will bring your customers back to your stores more often.

Here are some branding elements that will do magic to your customization efforts.

Add corporate colors

Color plays a significant role in attracting viewers’ attention. Including specks of your corporate color will make it easy for the audience to relate with your message. In addition, bright colors will make your promotions stand out and popular as collectibles. The font colors should contrast with the background . However, using too many colors can be distracting; so make sure to cut a fine balance between the colors and the overall visual aesthetics.

Keep the Message Clear and Simple

 Keep your message simple and clear so that the viewers can grasp your message in a quick glance even when on the move as in the case of car magnets. Too much text can be confusing for the viewers. Use high quality images and logos for the best visual impact.

 Update Regularly

If you’re using custom  magnets for a specific promotional campaign, make sure to update them regularly. An outdated event on display can leave a bad taste on your brand image. So, make sure that the information on your magnets is always current. Updating them periodically can keep your marketing fresh and eye-catching.

Choosing the right model

Logo magnets are available in a wide range of indoor and outdoor models including business card magnets, fridge magnets, car magnets and a lot more. Car magnets should ideally be 30 Mil or more in thickness to stay firm on the speeding vehicle. Outdoor magnets are also weather resistant and UV resistant that will make your logo fresh as new for a long time.

If you have a mobile target audience, car magnets will be a better choice . Every time you drive around your business vehicles on the streets, especially during peak hours, your logo will be seen by more people, which will increase your brand’s potential reach.

On the other hand, if you want to spread the word among family audience groups, fridge magnets will be a better choice. These full color magnets that remain stick on fridge doors and filing cabinets will engage your audience with your message for a long time. Thus your brand will make valuable impressions at one time investment without any repeat effort or investment from your end.

Offer more value for your customers

Choose combo models like calendar magnets or sports schedule magnets that offer more for your audience while your brand gets an impeccable display. For instance, every time your recipients refer the date and day, they will be engaged with your brand as well.  Thuis in effect your brand will get all  round year display, which not many promotional giveaways can ensure.

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