Why Magnetic Car Signs  Are Better Than Billboards at Times

Billboards- The first thing that comes to any marketer when he needs to plan a promotional campaign! However, if you are a start up or have a modest budget on hand, there are better ways to spend your promotional dime. Car magnets is one such stupendous option. It will ensure a high brand visibility and potentially save you a fortune as your marketing budget.

Car signs are mobile; billboards are not!

Billboards are costly and involve exponential rates if you need it on strategic spots along the highway. Plus annual maintenance and renewal charges will make billboards beyond the reach of budget marketers.  The hard reality is that even after shelling out a fortune, billboards may not build up a buzz as these are stationery and only people who happen to see these will know about your brand. So the return on investment from billboards is very low if any at all.

Magnetic car signs on the other hand turn company vehicles into mobile advertisements. Thousands of people on the road will see your message. The big plus- magnets have a very long life span, which puts it ahead of the billboards.

3x12 Custom Car Sign Bumper Shape Magnets

These impressive car signs are effective to reach out to a diverse group of people every other day. Anyone who passes by your car will take note of your brand everytime, everywhere. Your brand will get the attention of a fresh set of audience.  However, billboard ads will be seen by the same group of people as they follow similar routes each day. Billboards will thus only expose your advertisement to a select group of people. With mobile magnetic car signs, you’ll be able to advertise to anyone and everyone who passes your car wherever you are – a huge benefit for a much lower cost!

Car signs pop up on the vehicles right in front of you on a slow loving lane or a traffic interjunction. It will get more facetime and people will get adequate time to read your ad, note down the contact details or memorize your product name or brand name. Your business vehicle sporting these full color magnets may be positioned in front of the same car for miles and your message gets scanned minutely by the motorists around.

12x18 Custom Car Sign Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

The time of exposure and proximity to the people on the road is what makes magnetic car signs valuable. When someone is next to you in traffic, you are displaying your mobile magnetic sign to a new prospect. A red light gives them enough time to take down all the details or take a snapshot of your ad to save your number for later use.

Are you planning to use car magnetic signs in your forthcoming promotions? Share your thoughts to join an interesting conversation.

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