Custom Car Magnets – Promotional Items That Never Get Overlooked

Magnets may not stick to all surfaces; but when these are customized properly, these will never fail to stick to everyone’s minds! Though custom magnets are often under rated, these fit well into all types of marketing plans and budget.

Promotional magnets are available in a wide range of models and sizes, which offer a lot of options for businesses. Let your creative juices flow to make these as unique and interesting as possible and get across your business message the best way possible.

Magnets make their way straight into the homes and offices of your clients. Your brand thus gets an entry even to the most difficult clients’ spaces with ease! The best part is that custom magnets get across your message without the nagging sales pitch. May be that is what makes these more interesting than conventional advertisements like billboards and flyers.

Car Magnets

The flyers and brochures that you hand out may or may not reach the hands of your key audience. It will depend on pure chance. However, when you have promotional car magnets you have an interesting décor item for the car that your recipients will find hard to resist. The best part these full color magnets can be applied on all the vehicles of your fleet. These screaming billboards will never fail to make heads turn and turn the audience into your fans.

Once you stick custom car magnets on your business vehicles, your brand promotions start instantly. Your brand and message imprinted on these will grab the attention of everyone even when your vehicle hits the traffic block.

3x2.5 Customized Square with Heart Corner Shape Magnets

Magnets have a casual vibe about it. Anyone will find it hard not to take a closer look at these billboards. Make it unique and interesting by getting it imprinted with slogans, artwork, taglines and more. The more interactive and engaging the magnets are the more will be the visibility.

Car Magnets Are Proven Fund Raisers

Are you planning a fund raising event anytime soon? Car magnets will make a great choice.  Your message will get into a wider audience and inspire people to be part of this social cause. Magnets are cost effective, which means you can sell these off at a higher price to raise fund for the social cause.  You will be able to gain more supporters and donors wherever you go even as your car is parked. Stuck in heavy traffic? Count it as a blessing because more cars convert to more exposure for your business.

Custom Football Shaped Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 35 Mil

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