6 X 4 Oval Shaped Outdoor Magnets- More Style plus Imprint space!

One of the most popular and best selling models, 6 X 4 Oval Shaped Outdoor Magnets will ensure a high visibility for your message without breaking your budget. Oval magnets grab easy attention wherever you go. The unique design and the generous imprint space make 6 x 4 Oval magnets one of the most sought after choices for magnet advertising. Whether you are planning a product launch, a rebranding or store promotion, your message on these eye catching magnets will go the distance easily.

6x4 Custom Oval Shape Magnets

These smooth and stylish magnets make a rolling billboard for your event and brand. Car magnets get the job done quickly’ it can also be removed easily when you need your business vehicles for personal use or at the end of the promotional season.

Car magnets will get your marketing message exposed to many more potential clients. Reports show that as much as 91% of people recall the marketing message on a vehicle sign! The best part- you don’t make any repeat investment or effort while using car magnets. Just stick it once and forget about it. These magnets will make consistent impressions for a long time to come- No license renewal or maintenance charges to worry about!

Brand visibility at its best!

Oval car magnets will go a long way to establish your business and brand to everyone who sees it. Make use of the decent imprint space of these magnets to place your brand and message. Make it simple and interesting. Customize in such a way as to engage the audience with your brand and not leave them distracted with too much information. Say what you have in straight and simple terms. That’s the best way to attract the attention of the busy motorists.

Oval Car Magnets as a Marketing Tool

Company slogans can be included on your signs or may be an artwork or a call to action message. At the end of the day, your aim is to create signs that grab their attention while making your brand stand out from the rest of the crop.

Highlight Important Information

Contact details should be imprinted in large and bold fonts that are easy to read. Remember, your audience may have only around 5 seconds to read the information imprinted on the car magnets. So, make it readable and eye catchy.

Durable and designed to last long, car magnets are easy to clean and maintain as well. So, if you are looking for a high visibility promotional item that is free from the recurring expenses and overheads, these logo magnets could well be the choice.

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