Shop Early For The Best Deals In 2017 Magnetic Calendars

2017 is only a few months away! Apart from the holidays, New Year celebrations, gala dinners and parties, New Year will bring with it new goals and objectives. For individuals it is the time of the year to make fresh resolutions while for marketers it makes a hectic time of the year to plan their promotional strategies and place bulk orders for 2017 custom calendar magnets.

3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Why calendar magnets
Calendar magnets make a smart and cost effective way to get your message out in front of your target audience. Everyone needs a yearly planner to plan their holidays, work commitments and schedules and this is what makes custom calendar magnets truly popular.

Here are some of the benefits of calendar magnets that you might not have even thought about.

  • Deliver holiday greetings and hand out a practical gift item that your recipients will use all round the year with these logo items.
  • Some calendar magnets like 3.5×6.25 Custom Peel and Stick Magnetic Calendar come with FREE printed covers for easy mailing, which means that you can also imprint your message and logo on the covers as well.

3.5x6.25 Custom Peel and Stick Magnetic Calendar with Custom Covers 3.5x4.25 Magnets

  • Keeps your brand right in front of the eyes of your target audience for an entire year.
  • Choose from industry specific models like house shaped calendar magnets that are designed specifically for real estate sector.
  • We have even outdoor and car calendar magnets that will get your events, brand and schedules popular among the recipients.6x8.75 Customized Calendar Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Calendar magnets can be customized with white space to write notes for your recipients, which will bring them to these logo items more often. Every time your recipients check on their reminders, shopping lists or daily plans on these calendars, they will be reminded of your brand.

These 24×7 magnet calendars will get your brand seen every day for just a few pennies. Calendar magnets make perfect gift items to promote all types of businesses including service providers, banking & finance, insurance agencies, restaurants and health and fitness centers among others.

Now for some best -selling models in calendar magnets that will help you started right away.

Restaurant calendar magnets: Announce the best deals and the New Year offers in style with these calendar magnets that can be used as menu card display as well. Every time your recipients take a look at these attractive calendars that get stuck on refrigerator doors or filing cabinets, the brand recall will go up manifold.

On an average, people access their fridge atleast 8 times a day, which means that your brand will enjoy consistent exposure among your audience.

Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners: Make an announcement and let your recipients note down the date on these handy announcement calendar magnets. Great for promoting new stores, events or even personal events and celebrations. It will make a befitting gift idea to complement the celebration mood around.

We have a lot more interesting models. Browse our well stocked collection and shop for your favorite.