7 Clever Ways to Use Custom Business Card Magnets

Business cards may be standard marketing tools that not many people can do away with. However, you can add a  fun spin to your marketing by thinking of creative ways to use business card magnets. Lets be frank about it! These full color business card magnets never fail to make people happy. It could be the way it sticks to metallic surfaces like fridge doors. Moreover, it doubles up as a décor item and a smart way to pin up reminders and shopping lists. Moreover, the bland fridge doors will also get an instant makeover when your prospects stick these full color magnets on it .

The best part is that magnetic business cards will keep your message in plain sight of your prospects unlike paper cards that are misplaced or discarded quickly. Customers get tons of business cards  at every event they attend, so it can be tough for your card to stand out. This is what makes business card magnets a great choice. These are more likely to be kept; and your business will be noticed and remembered by your recipients with every trip they make to the fridge!

Here are some coolest ways to use custom printed business card magnets to promote your company.

As Trade show swag

Business card magnets surely make great freebies at mass events like trade shows thanks to its low cost advantage. It will also get your brand in front of potential customers and generate some buzz for your business. Hand it out along with your other freebies like pens or mugs to ensure a better retention.

Use it as alternative to Flyers

In addition, magnets are eye catching and well retained compared to flyers. Moreover it will make your recipients curious about your mailers and will tempt them to open and see what’s inside. Business card magnets being full color magnets are practical, which means that customers are more likely to retain them around

As referral giveaways

Custom magnets make excellent referral giveaways for repeat customers. It will get your customers refer others and spread the word about new and upcoming products.

As discount coupons

Have your magnets printed with a unique discount code for your website and send it out as mailer items. Thus your prospects will have a solid reason to retain your business cards for long. Moreover, it will get your prospects back to the stores more often.

Along with Purchase Orders

Reports say that customers will remember your business if they own your branded merchandise. Customize it with your thank you message to make it special.  Being light weight, they can be included in mailers without adding up to the postage expenses.

As Save the Date For Work Events

If you’re planning a work party or a corporate event, business card magnets can be made into save the dates. It will get everyone excited and makes a fun way to show off your company’s personality. Imprint details like date and venue on the magnet to make it a handy reference item of the event.

Use Business card Magnets in Office

Custom business magnets also make great office decorations, which will also promote your business and make life easier. Stick them to filing cabinets as a way of organizing files and reminding employees of important company policies or as tags for desks or meeting rooms. You can even place them on the work fridge to keep track of lunch dates, staff birthdays and other office events. The possibilities are indeed countless.

So, do you have  a better idea  to use business card magnets?

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