Top 5 Benefits Of Using Custom Car Magnets As Marketing Tools

In today’s  highly competitive business landscape,  businesses need to always come up with creative and innovative ways to market their products and services. Consumers have a short attention span as they see countless promotional message – both online and offline every single day. So, how to make your message stick? Invest in something long lasting and fun like car magnets. Though it is often an overlooked tool, businesses can effectively use these full color magnets to engage the audience and stand out from the crowd.

Car magnets are available in various shapes and sizes. Customize these outdoor safe magnets with your brand and message in full color to make heads turn and  create eye-catching promotional items that customers will love to display on their cars.

If you are still on fence,  read this post to find some unbeatable benefits of car magnets that not many promotional swag can  boost sales and drive up loyalty of customers.


Magnets add a pop of fun colors to the vehicles and make it stand out in the traffic. By giving out personalized car magnets you can make the customer’s experience more memorable and engaging. Car magnets will keep your brand in the eye span of not just your recipients but will highlight your brand in front of the people around, thereby creating consistent impressions at one time investment.


 Custom car magnets will remain stuck to the vehicle securely thanks to its thickness and outdoor safe features. The UV safe ink will keep your message fresh in the minds of the audience even after extended use. Additionally, they require little or no maintenance, making them ideal for long-lasting promotional campaigns.

Ensure repetitive branding

Custom car magnets can raise brand awareness by displaying a company’s logo or message in front of the world outside. Having a constant visual reminder of your brand will help customers to remember the company. The best part is that magnets are not intrusive and overwhelming like most ads like digital ads or TV ads. Subtlety is indeed the trump card of car magnets. By keeping your message in front of the audience, car magnets will engage the audience with your brand without annoying  them. They may even consider it as an embellishment for their vehicle rather than an advertisement.

Easy to distribute

Car magnets are light weight and easy to distribute. It can be handed out directly to your customers as shopping bag inserts, mailer items or point of sale giveaways. You can even hand out these budget friendly magnets as online contest giveaways.  Choose an appropriate distribution channel to generate buzz and engagement around your brand while promoting your products and services.

Targeted promotion

Custom magnets will help you in planning a highly targeted promotion without wasting time and money on the wrong audience. You can customize car magnets with appropriate message and artwork to target a particular audience. For instance, if you are planning to promote your sports themed event, customize car magnets with sports schedules,  mascot or taglines that will pique interest among anyone who sees it.

To sum up, if you wish to have a cost effective and creative m giveaway to promote your business, there cant be a better choice than car magnets.

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