Custom-Shaped Magnets- Shape up Your Promotional Goals

Custom magnets are available in not just the classic shapes of circle, oval or square but in various interesting shapes. Shaped magnets are more persuasive in highlighting your goals and engaging the audience with your message. Available in a wide range of popular shapes, these can be easily matched with your theme. They are a perfect choice as promotional giveaway or to sell as a fundraising product.

Here are a few useful tips to get the most out of shaped magnets

Emphasize your message

Custom shaped magnets will convey your message in a much more effective way. For instance if you wish to promote your pizzeria , you can use custom pizza shaped magnets, which is the most recognizable sign for your business. Likewise if you wish to run a fund raising campaign for your sports league, you can choose magnets that are shaped like your mascot. It will not just engage your fans but give them something they can collect as souvenirs to show their support to your team.

Budget friendly

No matter whether you wish to promote a cause, business or event, custom shaped magnets will make a budget friendly way to do so. These interesting , full color custom magnets will give more promotional mileage than many other forms of advertising. In addition, as these magnets are long lasting, they will ensure a great return on investment as well. So, marketers that wish to get an incredible brand display and assured return on your investment can invest in custom shaped magnets.

Needless to say, shaped magnets are worth every penny you invest. Whether you wish to promote your brand, run a fund raiser or spread awareness, these full color magnets help you get more bang for your buck and make a better impression.


Custom-shaped magnets are available for both indoor and outdoor applications. So, no matter whether you wish to put it on fridge doors or cars, they will keep your logo on top of the minds of the audience. Irrespective of which magnetic surface you choose, these magnets will get a great display. So, your message imprinted on it will never miss anyone’s attention.
If you want to make a statement, a custom shape is the way to go. Make a bigger impression with shaped magnets. Choose an appropriately shaped magnet that relate to your business, add your logo, message and other branding elements. You are all set to make a lasting impression.

Shaped magnets stand out

Obviously these full color shaped magnets will stand out from the rest of the crop of magnets and will earn the undivided attention of your audience. It will even make your logo or mascot more popular and your promotions memorable for the audience. Human brains register shapes faster than text. So, you can effectively communicate your message without having to add tons of text by choosing the right shaped magnet.

Offer More Creative Scope

Shaped magnets ensure more creative scope for marketers. Think of a tagline or artwork that will match the shape of the magnets to make it impressive and to create the look that you wish to make. You can create magnets in seasonal themes, sports themes or something more to represent what you are promoting.

Browse our collection of shaped magnets to gain more versatility.

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