How Magnets Will Get Your Message Across

Promotional magnets have been an effective advertising method for decades! They are handed out at events, company social gatherings and as giveaways to both clients and employees. This is one of the forms of offline advertising that has truly stood the test of time.

Custom magnets are made with the highest quality magnetic stock material made-in-the-USA. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and shapes, you can choose an appropriate model that will meet your promotional needs. From outdoor safe car magnets to indoor  magnets like fridge magnets , calendar magnets and business card magnets you have indeed a lot of choices to consider. Add your logo and message in full color on these custom magnets to make it visually appealing.

These tips will be of help to get the most out of your promotional magnets,

Make your branding visible

Your branding will be highly visible as custom magnets offer incredible customization options. Your artwork and design on magnets should be visible to make your brand will stick in the minds  of people who happen to see it. This will make them think of you next time they need your product or service. Think beyond your logo because you can customize magnets with any message that you wish. Create a fun and exciting brand design that reflect the event theme and promote your brand .

Make sure that you design is eye-catching so that it and stands out from the crowd and highlight your message. Quality is the watch word. You want your recipients to retain your promotional magnets for as long as possible. So  make sure to use high quality custom magnets and superior printing methods so that they  stand the test of time.

High visibility

Do you realize how important promotional  magnets can be in enhancing your brand exposure? It will increase your business growth by developing your company’s brand. While digital promotions leave only a fleeting impression. Popular giveaways like logo magnets enjoy a higher retention than other forms of advertising.

Promotional magnets build brand recognition

Custom magnets have a longer shelf life. Plus, they are also fully customizable. So, people will always remember these promo products you give them because they see it every day on their fridge doors, filing cabinets , cars and more.

Magnets help increase sales

Logo magnets make long-term investment with an assured return because  your message on it will get an incredible promotion at one time investment. It will help them to reach out to you when they need your services. And they might even share it with friends, further increasing your reach.


With sustainable living becoming a trend, the general public is  looking for ways to do their part to be part of it. By handing out ecofriendly giveaways  like magnets that people seldom discard you can highlight your green credentials and show that you care to reduce the carbon footprints. Reports show that consumers are more likely to do business with a company that shares in the goal of making a positive environmental impact.  

High retention

Promotional magnets are giveaways that keep on giving because your recipients will find it useful on a daily basis, that means your brand’s logo will be seen, every day. People love these full color magnets as fridge décor items or a cheeky way to pin up their shopping lists. Thus your message will be seen by  not just your primary recipients but their family members and guests who happen to see these pretty magnets that stand out from the fridge doors and filing cabinets. Thus a small investment into promotional magnets has the possibility of reaping tremendous returns in the future.


Promotional magnets can be used to promote your brand  in a variety of events, including game days to charity lunches or corporate conferences and more.

Easy to distribute

Easy to distribute in person or through mailers , logo magnets  hold incredible marketing power. You can effectively invest in these giveaways for targeted promotions; because you can distribute promotional magnets to the right people at the right time to get the ultimate promotional impact.

Are you ready to invest in promotional magnets?  Browse our collection of high quality, affordable logo magnets that are made in USA to enhance your marketing strategy.

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