Great Ways to Use Custom Car Magnets for Promotions

If you have  a company car  you use to attend your sales and service calla, car magnets will make the most effective way to market your business. These full color custom magnets will literally turn your vehicle into a moving billboard that is hard to miss!

Car magnets are hugely popular among every genre of businesses, thanks to its low sticker price. However, have you ever thought of the benefits that these ubiquitous items ensure.

Magnets make consistent impressions at one time cost

Other traditional ads like press or TV ads involve regular payment for impressions and conversions. However, when you use car magnets, you get consistent impressions without any repeat effort of investment

On a rough estimate, vehicle branding can get you approximately 600-1000 impressions per mile. In addition, your message imprinted on these magnets will be seen by people other than  your key prospects; thereby enhancing your brand exposure.

You don’t have to put in any effort

Car magnets will make impressions for your brand as you go about your daily chores; like driving to the customer site or even going to the gym or shopping. Having your business’s logo and contact information on the vehicle is an intelligent way to get customers while you are not even on the job.

Car magnets enhances your brand reputation

If you show up in a branded automobile, your business will look more professional, which will further make customers trust your service.

Brand visibility

Marketing is all about showing your brand and message to all potential customers. Your logo on car magnets should get the undivided attention of people on the streets. The more eyes on your ad, the better. The best part is that car magnets  will promote your brand on the go, during traffic jams, and even when parked.  Considering its mobility and constant exposure to different audiences, custom magnets have indeed  become a powerful promotional tool.

Now that you have decided to make custom car magnets your primary swag, here are some customization tips that will help you to get the most out of these portable billboards.

Add a great design

Further, make your custom car magnets stand out for its unique design and message. An interesting artwork and design will pique interest among the onlookers and influence their brand perception. So, make sure to make it visually pleasing and engaging. Apart from your logo and contact details, think of adding other branding elements like corporate colors, call of action message, taglines and more.

By investing in your design you are rest assured of a great returns on advertisement. Use high quality images and the font size should be big enough for easy legibility even from a distance. Stuffing too much information will spoil the visual appeal of magnets and may make the onlookers baffled. Make it crisp and concise to convey the idea easily.  

Choose the Right Size

Moreover, it is the size of your magnet that decides how visible your message is from afar. Size  of the car magnet that you choose should ideally match the type of vehicle you are using and the space available. For small cars, a medium-sized magnet will be sufficient whereas for larger vehicles like vans or SUVs, use bigger sized magnets to make it stand out. The ultimate objective is to make your message visible from a distance  without overwhelming the vehicle’s aesthetics.

How do you plan to incorporate car magnets in your business events ?  We look forward to hear from you.

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