Benefits of Car Magnets Over Traditional Fundraising Methods

Fundraising is the life line of most charitable, nonprofit organizations and community outreach programs. Budget friendly, highly visible and easy to distribute, custom car magnets out smart most traditional methods for sure.

Budget friendly

Traditional fund raising methods like bake sales, charity runs or raffles will all involve cost and effort . On the contrary, fundraising car magnets offer an impressive cost-benefit ratio. Once you purchase these full color custom magnets you are rest assured that your message will reach far and wide. The best part is that it involves minimal effort. When your supporters place your magnet on their car, they advertise your cause wherever they go. Whether it a road trip or a daily commute, your message spreads. This incredible market penetration is something that you cannot expect from traditional fundraising campaigns.

Enhance your branding potential

These full color car magnets will easily catch the attention of the onlookers and spreads your message effectively.

Ease of Distribution

Light weight and compact, car magnets are easy to distribute unlike other handouts that involve logistics concerns. However when you use car magnets, all you need to do is hand them out for your supporters who will put them on their cars, thereby assuring the much needed publicity for your campaign.

Car Magnets – innovative alternative to traditional fundraising methods

Further, car magnets stand out for their cost-effectiveness, potential reach, and ease of distribution. When you resell these magnets at a higher price, you can raise funds for your cause while spreading your message to a wider audience. Thus custom car magnets may just be the game-changing strategy you’re looking for to bridge the budget gap between the funds you need.

Car magnets offer an exciting and profitable way to raise funds. These high quality, factory direct magnets made in USA are outdoor safe, durable and eye catching and will draw easy attention of people on the streets, sparking conversations. Thus organizations have a popular product that the volunteers and buyers will love to get. Win-win

Car magnets offer Incredible Profit Margins

The profits from selling car magnets can be really high as magnets are available at a low sticker price, which the marketers can resell at a higher price to quickly raise the funds they need.

Build support base and Raise Awareness

Custom car magnets not just raise money but also build a sense of community. Every time someone sticks one of these magnets on their car, they’re showing their support to the cause. Besides, it will enhance the popularity of the organization and will even spark more donations.

Car Magnets are practical

Let’s be frank about it. Custom car magnets are practical items that everyone will need as car décor items that will enhance the personality of their cars. Plus they will surely love the attention these full color magnets will bring.

Easy to distribute

Being small and easy to distribute, car magnets make a perfect fund raising item at all types of campaigns.

Fully customizable

Best of all, organizations can design their own your magnets, by adding their brand colors, mascot, and more. This customization makes the magnets unique, which can help to further boost sales. The more magnets you sell, the more money you can raise for your cause. The best part is that car magnets not just bring in funds but also promote your nonprofit . Each magnet literally becomes a mini billboard, advertising the message all through the community and garnering support.

Long lasting

In addition, custom magnets will even last a very long time as they are designed to weather the elements. They can also be placed on any vehicle for years on end, which in turn will ensure incredible repeat business. All you need to do is to choose a magnet designed to match fundraising requirement.

You can start with designing your custom magnet with our free virtual design tool. Should you need more ideas, contact our team today!

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