Pink, Yellow etc Color Ribbon Magnets – Which colors would you choose to paint your ribbons?

Ribbon magnets – as the name suggests are the ribbon shaped magnets utilized for expressing vital social information. As today the magnetic printing has come to an age where you are allowed to print the magnetic ribbons in the pink, yellow etc colors you want. But many entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of choosing the right color. Here are some colors which may aid, if you wish to rally around some causes

  • Pink – “Pink cloud” is a sunny term used to depict the happy status of the mind. The brightness of this color enhances when it is used to promote the breast cancer awareness. Also, you can use pink color magnetic ribbons in support of gay friends, who are fighting to gain the security of legality and acceptance in the society.
  • Yellow – A color of optimism, happiness and enlightenment, yellow is associated with all things good in life.  Yellow magnetic ribbons can be utilized to show your solidarity towards the troops serving on special missions. Through this ribbon you can wish them good luck and gather others support.
  • Red – A color of passion and happiness, but red magnetic ribbons are not used for spreading message of love. It is used to promote awareness about causes such as HIV/AIDS, and to dissuade people from drug abuse and alcohol.
  • Black – Everywhere people associate it with something gloomy and sad, and when it comes to spreading the awareness, again the same purpose is accomplished. Black colored magnetic ribbons are mostly utilized to announce mourning. There are also advertisers who consider it as a color of elegance, but again its utilization is totally depends on the personal preferences of an entrepreneur.
  • Green – Green is the color which invigorates our mind and soothes our eyes with an unusual charm. Have you ever thought of utilizing it for spreading awareness? Yes, we are talking sense because many people have started using green colored ribbon magnets for promoting the awareness about the nature conservation.  Advertisers can even think of handing it over to their customers during the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.
  • White – The color of light and hope. This color is favored by most of the human beings because it exudes peace, innocence and purity. You can choose to use a charming white colored magnetic ribbon for spreading awareness about diabetes.
  • Purple – It represents a feisty riot of colors with a unique amalgamation of red, blue and white. A purple colored magnetic ribbon can be utilized for creating awareness about domestic violence, pancreatic cancer and anti-gay rights.
  • Orange – A color of fire, which spells danger. This color is used by social campaigners fighting against causes of leukemia, underage drinking, hunger, and work zone safety.

You can choose to customize and utilize these colorful magnets to pass on vital social information to the society.  The only thing an advertiser should remember is that they are making the right choice of colors for the right cause, or otherwise your efforts will fail to stir an emotion.

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