10X4 Magnets – How To Make Best Use of Them for Maximum Brand Impact?

If you have been thinking hard about sharing or spreading the big marketing news with maximum effectiveness, perhaps your search ends here. 10 x 4 magnets are one such promotional magnet, which allow you to share and spread any marketing news with maximum impact. Here is how you can make best use of these large sized advertising magnets for impression building –

10x4 inch Square Corner Custom Printed Full Color Magnet 25 Mil

By Crafting an Elevator Pitch
It is estimated that an average time an individual spends on advertisement is 6-8 seconds. You can improve this indulgence by creating an elevator pitch for your campaign. You can successfully engage a customer by offering value added benefits for their patience or thanking them for their support, etc.

By Leveraging the Community
When there is a big community to support, why do you want to focus on global customers. You can build maximum brand impact by leveraging the community. Perhaps you can organize small fundraiser programs with messages printed over 10 x 4 magnets. Or you can show your support to any social event by gifting away full color personalized magnets at the end. By doing so, you can come closer to your ideal customers and understand their likes and dislikes.

By Coordinating it with Other Marketing Strategies
Although magnet advertising is a great alternative promotional strategy, you can improve impact by coordinating it with other marketing strategies such as radio advertisements, television advertisements, print advertisements, etc. Whenever people see each of the above-mentioned advertisements, they may not be attracted to it and conceive them as a waste. You can easily change their perception by handing them vibrant and colorful customized magnets 4×10. People would be happier to retain them over refrigerator doors and car doors. Additionally, they would proudly discuss it with their friends or loved ones, whenever the occasion permits.

By Offering It as a Complement
Perhaps your basic understanding of human nature will come to an aid. It is quite human to expect a word of thanks or acknowledgment, whenever you go out of the way to help others. All these years, you have only concentrated on direct selling. You have always forced customers to buy from you. Perhaps your strategies might have earned you decent revenues, but they haven’t earned you decent flock of loyal customers, why? Because. You can send it as 10 x 4 holiday wishes magnets, sales flyer, calendar magnets, and menu magnets. People would be happier to receive an item, which they can ultimately retain over refrigerator with pride. They would be happy to drive away with customized 10 x 4 magnets over car doors or retain it over refrigerator door and refer in times of emergency.

By Employing it for Buzz Creation
You can use personalized magnets 10 x 4 for buzz creation. People love buzzing and they would be hooked to hear more from you.

By Using it for Announcing Referral Programs and Price Savings
People cannot ignore a campaign, which announces great price savings and offers them the benefit of referral programs. Perhaps many small and big businesses are implementing this strategy of financial gain by working over customized 10 x 4magnets.

Sky and rock bottom of ocean is the only limit, when it comes to magnet advertising. Marketers can utilize customized magnets 4×10 for building great impact with minimum efforts. They can save on shipping charges and branding (free online design proof, free full color printing and free art setup) because many online custom magnet stores offer them FREE.

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