Advertising Magnets for Refrigerators – What are the choices available to you?

Advertising magnets for refrigerator are used for specifically used for indoor promotional purposes. Today, you literally have thousands of choices for them. Even people with personal promotion aims can seek them and customize them and utilize them suitably. The refrigerator advertising magnets are typically larger than the regular promotional items. Following are some of the popular types of advertising magnets offered by leading online magnet distributors –

  • Large Rectangular and Square Magnets – Their size may vary at different stores, but a 7 x 7 rectangular magnet is considered optimally big sized and it can be utilized for promotional purposes such as printing a hotel menu, or writing unique business messages, and etc. The advertisers can choose to customize such big magnets with suitable brand information. The customization may become little pricey along with the increasing magnet size.
  • Postcard Magnet – Again the sizes of the postcard magnets may vary from store to store, but advertisers can always choose their best buy on the basis of requirements. The postcard magnets can be best utilized to encapsulate maximum business information. This kind of magnet aids those advertisers who seek direct mail promotions.
  • Business Card Magnets – It is needless to say that business card magnet is one of the supreme kind of magnetic promotion tools around. Generally the business card magnets are offered in sizes between 2 x 3.5 – 10.5 x 5.5. The 10.5 x 5.5 business card magnet is usually offered as a postcard business card magnet and it gives lots of space to encapsulate vital business information.
  • Tear off Calendar Magnet This magnet is generally gifted to customers for ease of keeping track on times. Today, these magnets are also offered in various creative forms, and advertisers can choose them according to their promotional budget.  The tear off calendar magnets are sometimes offered with business cards fitted to them and small scribble space, thereby becoming one of the promotional magnets with high utility value. This magnet can be easily customized with suitable business information and can be used for building fast brand reputation and improving visibility.
  • Magnetic Notepad– This is one of the sophisticated and highly useful amongst other advertising magnets for refrigerator mentioned in this article. This magnetic notepad can be customized with suitable business information and customers can use it as a handy tool for scribbling down their private notes. This magnetic notepad will stay affixed to a refrigerator and customers can save on the time required to search them.

Today, the big online magnet distributors offer varieties when it comes to advertising magnets for refrigerators and the advertisers can easily choose them on the basis of requirements, and budget.

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