Best Save the Date Magnets for Weddings – Have you ever thought of going for them!

Which are the best save the date magnets for sending the pre-invites? This is one of the most echoed sentiments of the couples all over the world, who are looking forward to hand out these pre-invitations very soon. The answer for this question is that there is no dearth of options to choose for the best save the date magnets for wedding, but you will never go wrong with these trendy designs –

  • Whimsical Magnetic Invitation – Let’s begin this blog with a fun.Imagine a magnet with character of Mini duck renamed as “Jessica” and Mickey duck renamed as “John”, announcing jointly “come to the Scrooge villa on May 18, 2012”. What will be first emotion on your face? Obviously laughter right?! You can apply this theme to announce your big day with fun.  You can experiment with lots of cartoon characters from the stock of images offered on internet, or you can choose to sketch the one and send it across to the magnet development store and ask them to apply it for you. This type of pre-invitation tool will never miss its target and people will definitely take time from their busy days to visit the “Scrooge villa” on May 18, 2012, what do you say?
  • Black and White Magnetic Invitation –As the name suggests, these magnetic invitations are printed in black and white color. The couple can suitably personalize it with their images and other wedding information. The invitees who received it will love to pin it across their metallic cupboards and refrigerator doors. The elegance of this simple invitation tool is enough to retain it as a good souvenir and people will always love to keep it before their eyes.
  • “Hot Air Balloon” Magnetic Invitation– This might be perhaps one of the most adventurous, at the same time funny way to announce your big day with a bang. The hot air balloon is synonymous with adventure, and sportsman spirit. You will never miss a single eye which doesn’t have admiration for this adventure sport. Similarly, a hot air balloon save the date magnet will never miss in its aim and will be loved by all invitees who received them as the pre-wedding invite. They will be definitely moved by your choice of theme and will treasure this souvenir for long time.
  • Beach themed save the date – As the name suggests, this type of wedding magnet is best suited for beach themed weddings.  A cool and reflecting wedding magnet with images of couples inscribed against the background of the beach will be best sight and no one can simply ignore the charm.
  • Modern style Photo Magnet – This is preferred by many couples because it throws a laser highlight into their lives. Couples can choose to personalize the invitation cards with some intimate photograph taken on the busiest road or some other equally interesting place. This photo magnet will never miss the attention of the invitee. They will always make it a point to remember you in a special way.

The choices of these magnets may vary from person to person depending on their style preferences, but the list of above mentioned best save the date magnets for weddings were compiled after a keen observation on some latest wedding magnet trends.

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