How Direct mail campaigns using pet care magnets can help you reach out to your target customers

Pets and pet related products have always been a booming industry. The total pet market revenue in the country stands at a staggering $58.5 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years ahead according to the statistics of the American Pet Products Association. Pet care businesses can promote their brand and rake in profit using innovative promotional campaigns and handouts.

Promotional 3x5 inch Square Corner Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

If you are planning a mass mailer campaign to promote your pet shops, vet clinics, boarding units or pet grooming center, here are some perfect pet care magnets that win hands down as billboards for your brand and business message. Make your pet care business grow fast with our mailer magnets that everyone in your customer list will love to receive and retain!

Why direct mail campaigns?

Did you know that direct mailer magnet campaigns generate 50% more response than conventional postcards, flyers and other conventional paper promotional items? You can reach out to your target customer base and get more response and publicity to your pet care business. Get repeat business and new clients in the neighborhood and more referrals with mailer campaigns and establish yourselves in the niche with ease.

Customized 3.25x3.125 inch Dog Paw Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil

Best Types of Direct Mail for pet care business

  • Targeted Mailings: Make use of the customer information in your existing data base to mail out to only the best and the most ideal clients. You can even sort the list based on age, sex, type of residence and hobbies to ensure the best results. This will make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time and resources by mailing out to people who never ever had any dogs or intend to keep one!
  • Door to door mailer: Shortlist the best neighborhoods and focus on covering all the households in the locality and spend less time on other areas.
  • Loyalty mailings: Keep in touch with your previous clients and make them come back for your products and services and keep them in your loop always.

Below are some great pet clinic magnets that can be considered for pet care business promotions:

Customized 3.25×3.125 inch Dog Paw Shape Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil will surely lead you to some new business leads without much effort. With a thickness of just 20 MIL, these paw shaped animal clinic magnets are light enough for direct mailer campaigns and have ample space for your slogan, logo and contact information. Guests at home, kids in the family and even their doggies will love these attractive paw shaped magnets that will double up as a ready reckon on pet care and emergency services for the recipients.

Promotional 3×5 inch Square Corner Animal Clinic Magnets 20 Mil is another top choice to consider among daily mailer magnets. These large magnets that stand out for their massive square shaped designs and imprint area will surely make your brand message seen boldly. People will love to possess these attractive refrigerator magnets that show off your brand. Any pet owner will be anxious about the happiness of their bundles of joy and these custom magnets will make them feel at ease!

The best part is that you can make these pet clinic magnets more interesting and useful for the recipients by imprinting pet care tips, vaccination schedule and grooming tips among others. So, what are you waiting for? Get set for a mailer campaign that will turn the odds in your favor for sure!