Tips to Promote Your Pet care Business during Mother’s Day

Summer and winter holidays are busy time for pet care and pet sitting businesses as most of their customers will be off on holidays. Not to forget the other holidays and observances like Mother’s Day that keeps the pet care businesses on their toes literally!

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Spring season is already here and with it comes the first spring season holiday of Mother’s Day. If you are still wondering on how to promote your pet care and boarding business during Mother’s day, here are a few tips.

  • A mailer campaign is the right way to kick start your promotion. Hand out a pet grooming magnet as a Mother’s day discount coupon and your customers will make a beeline to make the most of the seasonal freebies. Imprint your logo, address and business message and hand these out during tradeshows or store promotions. These refrigerator magnets are sure to remain in their homes for long so does your business information in their minds!
  • If you want to wow your clients during Mother’s day nothing can beat the charm of custom dog boarding magnets. Send these logo imprinted custom magnets with a mailer that reads something like “Planning a surprise getaway for Mom? Don’t forget your pets!” This will surely let your clients know that there are a few free spots still available at your pet boarding center. Magnets are favorite refrigerator art for most people that double up as their hold all for their shopping lists and cookery recipes! Every time they check out on these, your business information and brand logo will surely remain etched in their minds.
  • Custom magnets can be used to announce special offers for mother dogs or expectant dogs on the occasion of Mother’s day as a special gift by pet care businesses and to woo the clients who are likely busy making summer travel plans. The pet owners will surely be moved by this thoughtful gesture and will love to be associated with your pet care business in future as well.

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  • Mother’s day can be a perfect occasion to give out some special gifts to your regular clients. If you are running a pet clinic and have all the details of the pets like name or their snap shots, you can customize a magnet with the images of the dogs, or their names to gift out to the pet owners. This will surely put a smile on their faces and reinforce your brand image as thoughtful gestures are always well appreciated. You can hand out these custom magnets personally by visiting your client’s homes during Mother’s Day weekend or send it by mailer. Happy clients are your best form of advertisement as you are rest assured of word of mouth publicity for being considerate towards them.
  • Custom magnets are great options to announce holiday season freebies like free pet sitting visit or a free one day boarding offer. People will never let go these offers and your brand logo on the magnets will instantly grab their attention. Hand these out at tradeshows or holiday promotion campaigns for the best results and brand exposure.