Why Animal Clinic Magnets Round Corner make perfect gifts for awareness campaigns

4 x7 inch animal clinic magnets with round corner are perfect options to make some important pet care announcements and other discount offers. The smooth round corners and a spectacular design will make it an attractive billboard to promote pet clinics, pet stores, pet food outlets and much more. Imprint your logo and business message on the massive imprint area and make sure that your logo remains well noticed at all times. Ideal for promotions all around the year, these custom magnets make special gifts especially during American Humane Association’s “Adopt-a-Dog Month” in October. Easy on your wallets yet high on brand promotion, these pet clinic magnets are well suited for mass mailer campaigns, tradeshows, pet shows and other events where a large attendance of people is expected.

4x7 inch Animal Clinic Magnets Round Corner

Animal and pet care industry is a highly competitive market where the pet care businesses have to play a tough game to be in the good books of their customers. Pet owners scramble to find quality pet care centers and boarders during their holiday season and look for good value for their money. To let your business message heard far and wide, you can make use of these highly effective animal clinic magnets.

Most of the pet owners play it safe and prefer to take their pets to the clinics that they know and are often reluctant to try out new places. They often go by word of mouth publicity and reviews and recommendations of their friends and family. So, it takes a lot of prodding and promotional tactics to attract new customers for any pet clinic and these custom magnets can spread the word about your business without breaking your promotional budget.

Studies have proven that owning and caring for a pet may enhance the social skills of people and will keep them relaxed and these promotional magnets can be used to highlight these messages and pet care tips. These logo magnets that can be stuck on refrigerator doors or metal file cabinets and other surfaces will keep both the pets and their masters happy. Every time your recipients see these, they will surely thank your brand for being considerate towards their pets. See how a small gesture goes a long way for your customers, especially in times of need!

These custom magnets can carry your business message or logo that will always be read, whether it is in a home, an office, or at a snack bar. People will love to have these on their fridge doors or cabinets where they can keep their bills, receipts or shopping lists. These custom magnets will keep this information visible and promotes your company and convey the business message so that every time the clients need a pet clinic for their pooch, they will follow these leads instinctively.

Custom magnets stand out for their massive imprint area that can take in a lot of your business message or artwork. Imprint handy tips and useful information for the pet owners on these magnets to make these value added gifts. Bulk buys from us carry attractive discounts and cash savings that will make your brand promotion budget friendly.