How Covid-19 Awareness Magnets Help you To Stay safe

COVID-19 has wrecked havoc in everyone’s lives. Whether it is lockdown or nationwide quarantines, it has upset the applecart of normal routines of  the general public. More than ever before, practicing personal hygiene has become the anthem for not just essential workers and  health care professionals but the average Joe as well.

As we are new to these good practices, it may take time to make it our habit. That is what makes Coronavirus  awareness magnets simply the best. These full color magnets will make helpful reminders of safety instructions to make us all a little safer during this difficult time.

4x6 Custom Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 25 Mil Square Corners

How To Use These Awareness Magnets?

As reminders

Reports show that touching the face with unclean hands can result in the germs getting entry into the body. As the virus spreads through droplet infections and close contact, ensuring hand hygiene  become critical. Every time you touch a public area elevator button or door knob your hand gathers tons of germs and the next moment you touch your face the germs make their way into the body leaving you sick. Awareness magnets will keep these safety tips on top of everyone’s minds and make regular washing of hands a habit.

To mark isolation areas

Hospitals and many other health care facilities keep isolated areas for corona virus patients to prevent the spreading of germs to other patients and staff. These full color custom magnets can be imprinted with isolation messages to mark out the area.

8x10 Custom Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

To mark medical tools

Close contact is the primary cause of Covid-19 spreading. Coronavirus magnets can even be used to mark waste bins where used medical tools and PPE should be thrown away

Additionally, health care facilities can distribute awareness magnets in the community to spread the word of Covid care and to share the contact information that the patients can use for screening or testing in case of need.

Magnets for Essential Businesses

Businesses can use Coronavirus awareness magnets to keep employees informed of updates from organizations like the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Imprinting safety tips while they work  with public or commute in public transport will be of immense help for office employees as they get accustomed to these new world norms.

5x9 Custom Printed Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

These magnets can be stuck on magnetic surfaces in high traffic zones in offices like the billing counter, reception desk , bathrooms, the reception area and building exits so that the message reaches not just the employees but the clients and customers who come to the organization as well. It is a great way to show that you care for the wellbeing of the employees and the community in general and highlight your social commitment.

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