Ways to Spread Awareness Using Our Awareness Magnets without Breaking A Sweat

Spreading awareness has never been an easy task. It is basically letting people understand and digest any information that will either change their life or their community.3.5x2 Custom Awareness Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

There have been a lot of organizations that has been formed in order to raise awareness to the public. There are those who plan for outgoing events that are loud in order to catch the attention of people or onlookers. Yet this type of spreading awareness will only work for some places and some people. Some organizations would prefer the quieter approach such as making conversations with passersby or asking a few questions or probably asking a few minutes of their time. However, not everybody is able to accomplish the impact of the activity in such a way that it will stick to the mind of those they were able to reach out or talk to. This is when our Awareness Magnets will play its role. Handing out these custom magnets during your activity will help have a greater impact to people. According to a study made, out of the 909 participants there were 709 or 78% of those respondents could recall the message due to the promotional magnets they have received. So if your organization is really into attaining the impact of your cause or awareness then you have to pair it with these custom magnets during the event.

Know more about our custom magnets and why it is way better than any other awareness magnets. We have listed a few advantages below.

  • These custom magnets are offered at very affordable prices. One magnet can be availed for as low as $0.06.
  • We offer free design assistance so that whatever you have in your mind about the design, you will exactly have it on the magnets.
  • You can not only personalize these magnets but you can customize it as well. It will give you the advantage of having your logo and your own style imprinted on these magnets.
  • We offer discounts when you plan to order in wholesale.
  • We want to give more freebies, so we decided to offer free shipping, free art set-up and free online design proof to make you a happy customer.
  • If you have no artwork, no need to worry as our professional graphic designers will offer free- artwork.
  • If it is your first time to order then we gladly offer you a 10% discount with the promo code TWCMD10 which will be entered at the check out page.
  • These custom magnets come in different sizes and shapes assuring you that you will find what you need when you browse through our website.

These custom magnets are not only perfect for organizations spreading awareness or pushing a cause but these are ideal for other social events such as themed birthdays, holiday parties and many others as well. Surely when people are handed out these awareness magnets, they will be reminded daily of your organization and the cause you are pushing.