How Business Card Magnets Help In Marketing Your Brand

Did you know that just because your customers failed to spot that scrap of paper with all your contact details, you might have lost sales? Paper business cards are easily lost, torn or misplaced and often your recipients fail to find it when they need it the most- Not if they had a business card magnet!11x4.5 Custom Magna Hang Door Hanger with 3.5x2 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Business card magnets can be stuck on metallic surfaces at home , office or even in car, which means that whenever your recipients want to reach you, they will have your contact information right in front of them. So, even in this digital age the best way to help someone you met in a tradeshow remember your brand will be to give them a business card. The countless customization options will help you to make your magnetic business cards unique and interesting.

Introduce your brand
The best and the most elegant way to introduce your brand in tradeshows and business events is by handing out your business card magnets. Even in this robotic age, business owners still rely on business cards to share and exchange their contact details. Can any marketer think of going to a tradeshow without having these business cards after all?3.5x6.25 Custom Tear Off Custom Business Card Calendar Magnets

In the course of time, business cards have undergone a whole lot of changes. Paper business cards have become passé and magnet business cards have become an epic trend. Long lasting and well retained, magnetic business cards can be imprinted with your logo , mascot or message. The best part is that these are available in a range of models including business card with calendar magnets, Custom Tear Off Custom Business Card Calendar Magnets, Door Hanger with 3.5×2 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil and outdoor car magnet business cards among many others.

Business card magnets can be employed to promote businesses, non profits or professionals as these potent marketing tools can get across the message through a design. These custom magnets serve as a formal introduction to your business and a reminder. Business card magnets will never go out of fashion. Keep a stack of these attractive business card magnets that can be handed out with brochures and gifts to leave a lasting impression

Your recipients will surely stick it on their refrigerator door or filing cabinets and every time they see these refrigerator magnets, your logo will become familiar to them.

Customization tips

  • A standard business card magnet can have the essential details like name, logo, telephone number and website url.
  • Full color imprints will readily grab the attention of the audience
  • Make sure not to make these magnetic business cards cluttered with too many information

Advertising in local papers, TV or radio may not have a lasting effect as these have only a short shelf life. Business card magnets stick around for a long time on refrigerator door, filing cabinets and in fact any metallic surfaces. The best part is that you pay only once for these magnets and these last for many years. Magnetic business cards last forever unlike paper cards and come handy for your recipients to call that emergency plumbing issue or landscaping needs.

Magnetic Business Cards are very strong promotional tools that will put your contact details in front of the recipients at easy rates. Every time your recipients open their refrigerator door, they will be reminded of your brand.