Personalization Tips for Custom Business Cards

Forget about the paper business cards that get stuck in the wallet or get washed in the washing machines along with your clothes. If you wish to pack a punch to your business cards, check out these long lasting and versatile magnetic business cards.2x3.5 Custom Garden Nursery Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Business people exchange cards on a regular basis to keep their information fresh in the minds of their patrons and customers. But, if your cards lack a call of action, your business cards could end up in trash cans. This is where business cards magnets come to the bigger picture. These will not just keep your contact details right in front of your customers but will build up an interest in your activities and ensure instant recall of their meeting because magnetic cards are not something they get every other day!

Why Magnetic Business Cards
Magnetic business cards stand out against conventional cards and works out way too cheaper while ordering in bulk. A consumer gets tons of advertising materials in their mailbox and at their doorsteps every day and often business cards fail to catch the attention of the customers, get trashed or lost in the sea of paper documents. However, a business card magnet will stand out for being unique and creative. Anyone will love to have a few of these colorful custom magnets on their refrigerator door as artwork or as a hold up for all their papers and kids drawings.2x3.5 Custom Dental Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Double impact
Make use of both the front and back side of custom magnets in imprinting your messages, contact details or artwork. To build up the interest, you can imprint QR code, snap shots or a personal note, which will not just enhance the retention of these magnets but also make it a lot more personal.

Business card magnets can also be used for announcement for non profits or school organizations. Imprint your mascot, logo and message on these and see how these pint sized and budget friendly item will make your cause popular.

By turning your business card into a magnet will give you the ultimate staying power for your logo among your target audience. When your prospective customers need to avail your products or services, they know whom to call because they see your magnet every time they open their refrigerator door. Make sure to add interesting quotes, peppy oneliners, coupon codes, deals and discounts on magnets so that your customers will retain it for long.