2020 Custom Calendar Magnets – Stay In Front Of Prospective Clients

Looking for a creative way to stay in front of prospective clients all round the year? Need something that will grab maximum eyeballs during New Year and appeals to everyone? Your gift choices will easily boil down to calendar magnets. These are smart handouts to build up a mailing list, stay in touch with everyone on your mailing list and get your message out. Last but the best of all, it will help you to have a better year than last year!

Though there is no dearth for promotional items to choose from, calendar magnets are in a different league altogether. It will help your business to stand out in the competitive environment. Offered in a wide range of handy models, sizes and shapes, magnetic calendars are ideal for mass promotional events like tradeshows and mailer campaigns as well.

Let’s be frank about it! What you do within the first few months of the year indeed lay the foundation for a successful communication strategy that’ll last year-round. Apart from providing an item that’ll be of use, you can get your name and phone number out there early on.

For most people, the beginning of the year is all about baseball and NASCAR schedules. So, sports schedule calendar magnets will make a great way to get started.  It can be distributed not just among past and present clients, but your prospective clients as well. Ordering in bulk will help you get the maximum discounts so that you can be truly lavish with your calendar gifts during New Year promotions. Send them out via snail mail, leave them at food stores and sports bars in your locality or hand out at the point of billing.

Football Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic calendars will ensure traction for your branding efforts as the year progresses. Apart from your brand, message or contact information, you can imprint other useful information like emergency numbers, CPR tips, puzzles or even motivational quotes. It will bring back your recipients more often to these calendars so that your business is always on the back of their mind.

Calendar magnets may be common promotional items. But these never seem to go out of trend. Everyone needs a handy calendar right in front of them to plan schedules, holidays and work plan.   The more your recipients see these logo items the more will be their brand popularity. That is what makes high utility gifts like calendar magnets proven handouts to make repeat impressions.

Need the most trending calendar magnets for New Year promotions? Browse our collection and choose a model that matches your needs.