Bring Back The Tradition Of Calendars With Calendar Magnets

In the present technology era, it might sound ironical that people need to have calendars to keep track of their time, day and date. All these information is continuously on the display on computers. So, if you thought people may never need the so called old fashioned calendars to plan their day, you could be in for a surprise!2x4.5 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar 20 Mil Magnets Square Corners

The first calendars known to man are thought to have originated in the Bronze Age among ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. Ever since then, paper calendars have been part of our daily lives. However, with the changing times calendars also underwent a lot evolution. From the paper versions, calendars have evolved to be magnetic and everlasting these days. These attractive calendar magnets that can be imprinted with your logo and message will remain for a very long time on refrigerator doors, filing cabinets and more. Every time, your recipients see these custom magnets, whenever they plan their holidays or checking their schedules, tradeshows or business events they will be reminded of your logo and message.

That’s why people love to have a calendar at easy access. Let’s be frank about it. Most of us cannot even function properly without a year planner or a calendar in front of us. Calendar magnets stick for a whole year and when you hand out your brand and contact information with the calendar, the recipients will surely have yet another reason to treasure these gifts.3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Let’s be open it! In a way we are all creatures of habit even today and that is one of the reasons why these custom items like calendars are popular. Set off a new annual tradition by sending calendar magnets and strike up a new relation year after year.

Calendar Magnets are great for marketing campaigns in the community. We have calendar magnets of all possible sizes and shapes, which means it is easy for you to choose a magnet that is of perfect size. Budget friendly and light weight, calendar magnets make perfect mailer campaign items or tradeshow items as well.

Here are some of the popular calendar magnet models that can be considered.

Mini refrigerator calendar magnets A 2 x4.5 mini refrigerator calendar magnet with square corner is great for all types of business. These little wonders will make great refrigerator art and are something that your recipients get every other day. We bet, these delightful magnets will stand out even in a sea of logo magnets for sure. These magnets make a good business gift all round the year and the best part is that even after the year gets over, people will love to retain these as keepsakes. Imprint your logo, message, artwork and more on these logo items to ensure regular impressions.

Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets Make the big announcement in style with these 5×4 calendar magnets 20 Mil round corners. The generous imprint area will have ample space for all the information that you may need to share with your patrons. Great for announcing special deals, milestone events and more. Every time your recipients look at these handy calendar magnets, your brand earns regular impressions. Easy on your wallets and high on publicity, there are not many promotional items like custom magnets. Check it out right away.