Calendar Magnets – Earn Brand Exposure 24 X 7

In the busy life style of the modern world, it is easy to miss out important meetings and deadlines. If you are looking for a custom item to help your recipients stay well organized and bang on target, then look no further than these logo imprinted calendar magnets 2017.

Calendar magnets are referred all 365 days a year! If you thought the calendar phone apps have made these calendar magnets any less popular in the contemporary era, you could be in for a surprise. A PPAI study found that the calendar function on their cell phones was never used by a staggering 50% of people. Well, this startling revelation will highlight the huge promotional opportunity that custom calendar magnets have in putting your brand right in front of your audience on a daily basis.

We have an exciting range of calendar magnets to choose from. Tear off calendar magnet with custom business cards is a popular model to consider as these come with 12 separate pages for each month and ample space for writing reminders for your recipients. These are delightful options to view a whole new year. Plus, the ample color choices and customization options would mean that the result will look simply great.

Why calendar magnets

  • Calendars enjoy prominent display on refrigerators or filing cabinets
  • Imparts visual appeal for your brand
  • Easy to customize in any design or color of your choice
  • Calendar magnets can be used for targeted mailer campaigns and other distributions
  • Budget friendly and lowest cost per impressions
  • High frequency visibility all round the year
  • Effective for both personal and professional use
  • Custom calendar magnets enjoy a longer shelf life than newspapers, radio, TV advertisements

Studies show that people use an average of 2.5 calendars in a year. So you can make one of these yours by placing bulk orders for these ever popular calendar magnets that leave a lasting impression at easy rates. Here are some of the models that will help you get started.

House Shaped Calendar Magnets: Drive home your message in style with these impressive house-shaped calendar magnets that will double up as fridge art.4.25x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Business Card with Imprinted Calendar Sheets Magnets: Put your business card on display with these calendars. Every time your recipients refer these magnets, your recipients will see your contact details and brand.3.5x6.25 Custom Business Card with Imprinted Calendar Sheets Magnets

Mini Refrigerator Calendar 20 Mil Magnets: These mini magnets will get your message out in the simplest way possible. Great for mass promotions2x4.5 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar 20 Mil Magnets Square Corners

Calendar magnets get used all through the year and most people prefer to reach out to those calendars that they are familiar with instead of opting for new ones. In all probability the magnetic calendars that your recipients get first could be the ones they use all year! So, if you have not started shopping for these practical custom magnets, your time starts now.