Custom Calendar Magnets- A Reference Item For Your Customers That Builds Your Brand

Calendar magnets make a great New Year gift for your recipients to plan their schedules and holidays and to keep a tab on their daily activities. Just about everyone has a custom calendar magnet on their fridge doors, which in itself is the biggest proof of the popularity that these miniscule items enjoy. These magnets will make a convenient way to hold up kid’s artwork, cookery list and reminders among others.

3x4 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

High utility gifts

Calendar magnets make a highly useful gift that everyone needs even in this digital age of smart phones and gadgets that feature calendars and organizers because these are simple and easy to use for everyone. Having a calendar right in front of our eyes will make it easy for planning the events and activities. Every time your recipients use these highly useful gifts, they will be engaged with your brand in a subtle yet effective way. Not many promotional items can ensure regular brand exposure as calendar magnets. If you are looking for consistent brand impressions at easy rates, all you need to do is invest in custom calendar magnets.

Custom calendar magnets make a popular choice for business giveaways because these are versatile and budget friendly, which makes them ideal for almost any promotional campaign. Personalized calendar magnets are especially a top choice for any business that involves making appointments with clients like hair salons or doctors’ offices among others. Light weight and flat, custom magnets are portable that makes them great mailer gifts and tradeshow swag.

Calendar magnets can be used to promote restaurants as these full color magnets that are placed on the fridge doors will grab easy attention of anyone who sees it. You can use it to announce coupon codes, special deals or offers, turn it into referral gifts or end of the year mailer gifts. No matter how you wish to use calendar magnets, these will never fail to leave an impression in the minds of your audience.

Shapes galore

Calendar magnets are available in a range of shapes apart from the popular shapes like rectangular or square. Some of our favorites include the house-shaped magnets, which are ideal for realtors, home maintenance services and moving companies among others.

365 days of promotions

On an average , people open their fridge doors 15-20 times a day to stock up their supplies, grab food and drink or sometimes simply out of habit! In all these circumstances, your brand and message on these custom calendar magnets will get a lot of attention. Imprinted calendar magnets enjoy 365 days of promotion for your brand without any repeat investment or effort. The big plus is that you can make calendar magnets outlive their utility by imprinting sports schedules, emergency numbers or kitchen conversion units, which will enhance the perceived value of these logo items.

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