Did You Know That School Calendar Magnets Make Effective Fundraising Items?

School calendar magnets will help students, teachers and parents to keep track of the school events, holidays, exam schedules and more. Offered in attractive colors and designs these magnetic calendars make excellent communication tools, school spirit items and fund raising items for schools and sports clubs.

These high quality, made in USA custom magnets can be imprinted in full color with mascot and school logo. Calendar magnets make tangible connection with the recipients and will keep your brand in front of the eyes of the recipients. Calendar magnets stick easily on fridge doors, filing cabinets or infact any metallic surfaces to make an easily accessible school calendar for parents and teachers that will easily communicate all the school information. Unlike its classic paper counterparts, these will stay in one location, maintain their quality all year long and will enhance school spirit.

School calendar magnets as fund raising items

Highly popular and useful right from the first day of school, calendar magnets will make equally effective fund raising items for schools and institutions. The low cost advantage will enable the schools to sell these custom magnets at a higher rate to generate funds for the developmental activities of schools or sports clubs. Calendar magnets are effective ways to spread awareness about your activities and to increase donations from the well wishers. You can get your message out through mailer campaigns or by handing out these light weight and compact calendar magnets to your targeted audience.

Nobody can resist these attractive calendar magnets that will remain a constant reminder among your donors and patrons. Magnets stick around for many years as school souvenirs as well and will make an inexpensive way to stay unforgettable. Magnetic calendars are immensely popular and schools planning to generate funds are rest assured of a brisk sale of these highly functional calendar magnets that will double up as a hold up for kid’s painting and reminders too in most homes.

Here are some trending school calendar magnets that will make effective fund raising items.

4×7 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil: A great fundraising item during the beginning of the academic year. Parents will love to buy these highly useful calendar magnets for their homes and to pitch in their bit in the fund raising initiative.

4x7 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

4×7 Custom Printed School Schedules Calendar Magnets: These round corner magnets that fit snugly on the metallic surfaces will make a great decorative item as well. These full color magnets will share school schedule information, build brand recognition and enhance interaction with the parents.

4x7 Custom Printed School Schedules Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

3.5×6 Imprinted School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil The most popular fund raising items are those that have a low price tag and high utility and that is precisely what makes these custom school calendar magnets a thoroughbred fundraising item. Check it out right away.

3.5x6 Imprinted School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

We have a lot more. Browse our fabulous collection of school calendar magnets to choose a model that matches your needs. Get started right away, back to school season is right here!