Don’t miss out on the Benefits of custom calendar magnets

Calendar magnets are proven marketing tools for promoting all types of businesses thanks to its high visibility and round the year utility.

Not many custom giveaways in this price range can match the popularity of these logo magnets. Ideal to get your message across and enhance brand visibility, calendar magnets will ensure more value for your promotional dollars.

Here are some of the benefits of custom calendar magnets that most people overlook.


Your logo is always on view on these full color magnets on fridge doors and other magnetic surfaces. These will never remain hidden in a drawer or briefcase. These 12-month calendars will remain front and center of your recipients . Considering the incredible attention that magnetic calendars draw, you can also add coupons or other special offer information that can benefit your customers throughout the year.


Everyone needs calendar to plan the year ahead and stay organized. Thus your custom calendar magnets will be gratefully received and displayed. Apart from being a useful calendar, these custom magnets make a handy way to hold up family photos, reminders or kids’ artwork on the refrigerator. The versatility and utility is the reason your customers will retain these promotional magnets for a long time.

Cost effective

Calendar magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions of around one cent  per day for each existing or prospective customer. By ordering in bulk , you can further bring down the cost of these custom giveaways!

Targeted promotions made easier

Reach out to your important audience in a precise way by mailing out custom magnets to get assured return on investment. Small, light-weight and compact, custom calendar magnets are easy to distribute.

Consistent exposure

Your brand enjoys continual exposure on custom magnets and your message will be  seen 24 hours a day, every day in the New Year day.   Repeat  exposure  is what makes  new leads and a bigger customer base.  What other promotional giveaway provides 12 months of advertising?

Leave a  Statement

Custom magnetic calendars can be imprinted with an easy-to-read 12-month calendar and a bold marketing statement complete with your contact information, artwork and tagline. Made from the highest-quality magnetic stock material, logo magnets are easily affixed and repositioned without leaving any residue behind.

 Offered in various models right from basic to bold  in  popular colors and shapes , calendar magnets are hard to resist!  We bet, your audience will never go back to their old paper calendars again!

And it’s not just businesses, but schools, sports teams, nonprofits and other organizations  have all  made promotional calendar magnets an annual tradition for the innumerable benefits that these giveaways have.

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