Imprinted Calendar Magnets Make Perfect New Year Handouts

Calendar magnets keep your brand fresh and alive in front of your audience for a whole year! Now that we are all set to bid goodbye to 2017, marketers are already busy planning their New Year promotions. Can there be a better gift than calendar magnets to celebrate the New Year and to reach out to your audience during the end of the year?

5x5.25 Custom Refrigerator Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Wall calendars are passé as they gather dust as people fail to flip pages or take a closer look while calendar magnets that can stick on metal filing cabinets, work desks or fridge doors will enjoy a high level of visibility and grab the undivided attention of the onlookers. The big plus is that your recipients can carry these compact calendars wherever they go to make sure that they will have their favorite calendar right in front of them. These full color magnets are available in different models, themes and sizes that it is never hard for you to choose a model that complement your business idea.

Another good thing is that these custom magnets will make a perfect hold up for the shopping lists and recipes of your recipients and since it is a calendar, you are assured that someone is sure to look at it sometime or the other. Calendar magnets make excellent promotional items to promote all types of brands and businesses including kids’ brands as nobody can resist magnets that double up as fun toys and décor items as well.

Calendar magnets are budget friendly, which means you can ensure your business the publicity that it deserves without the risk of overspending. Bulk orders carry the best rates, which means that you can have calendar magnets for everyone in your customer list. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how your audience will love to remember your brand for yet another delightful option.

Here are some interesting ways you can employ custom calendar magnets in your business promotions.

As fund raising items: Magnetic calendars will not just keep the teachers, parents and students stay connected but will make great fund raising items for schools and non profits. The low cost advantage will help the promoters to sell it for a higher price. The creative and fun designs will grab easy attention while your cause gets the support. Magnets make an instant connection that other promotional items can’t!

As promotional items: Calendar magnets are great promotional handouts for businesses to put your brand on a daily exposure for a whole year. Personalize these with your brand, message or milestones that will remind your recipients of their experience with you.

As mailer gifts: Calendar magnets will make great mailer gifts, employee gifts and holiday handouts to usher in the New Year. Your recipients will love to get a handy calendar magnet for their home or office. Be the first one to send your recipients a New Year calendar with these custom calendar magnets  and enjoy brand exposure for 365 days.

How do you plan to use these custom magnets in your promotions? Tell us your thoughts at the comments section.