Magnetic Calendars- Repeat Impressions At Easy Rates

Ever wondered what makes magnetic calendars a great promotional tool for your business? These are handy and high utility gifts that will find its way to a prospect’s fridge, to be seen by dozens of times each day. When your recipients use it, your promotional message will get a lot of attention that makes it long enough to sink into the user’s mind.

4x7 Custom Printed Restaurant Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnetic calendars will make a perfect item in your New Year marketing plan. When mailers, print ads or brochures will not bring in the results that you wish, you can switch to calendar magnets. Everyone loves freebies and the incredible popularity of custom gifts will make them a great investment for promoting your business.

Nobody can resist free useful stuff like calendar magnets that will make a ready reckoner for everyone. Be it to check their schedules, holiday events or days and dates, people need to use custom calendars for countless times, which means it will never get discarded or shoved into the inner drawers. Calendar magnets will always be visible and at easy access, which gives your brand the much needed attention.

Repeat Visibility   creates repeat impressions

Unlike traditional promotional items like mailers or print ads that are seen only once before being discarded, calendar magnets will put your contact information and details in front of the eye span of the audience for a long time. Calendar magnets make their way to the fridge doors or file cabinets where it will stay for a whole year. Just imagine the number of impressions that these logo items will make during its shelf life. The best part is that these trendy magnets will make great talking topic for anyone who sees it.

Versatility at its best

Calendar magnets enjoy a very high level of versatility, which makes them ideal for all types of events and brand promotions and reach out to a diverse audience. Everyone needs a colorful and visually appealing calendar right in front of them to plan their days and remain well organized even in this digital age. The timeless popularity of these custom magnets is any indication; these will continue to make a must-have addition to the marketing swag of businesses for a long time to come.

Easy to distribute

Having a great promotional item will only make your job half done because the success of any campaign will ultimately rests on the number of people you could reach out to. Calendar magnets win a few brownie points in this department as well because these are compact and light weight, which makes these custom magnets ideal for all types of distribution methods. No matter whether you wish to send it with mailers or hand these out in tradeshows, people will get a high utility gift that is easy to carry.

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