Custom Business Card Magnets – Promotional Items That Fit Your Budget

Business card magnets have more promotional potential than paper cards and enjoy more sticking power too. Be it on fridge doors, filing cabinets or metal tables or more, these business card magnets will make high visibility references of your business. Customize these with useful information that your customers will find useful and interesting to make your logo magnets stand out on the fridge doors littered with countless other promotional magnets.

2x3.5 Custom Dry Cleaners Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

These full color magnets earn a lot of eyeballs as they are placed in high visibility spots and locations. Your name and message imprinted on these business cards will get a high angle display for ever. These premium quality , factory direct and  made in USA business card magnets will last long and look great for a long time. You can increase the engagement of your brand with your audience with some clever imprinting tips like kitchen conversion units, emergency phone numbers or CPR tips among others.

Hit Next Level Marketing With Business card Magnets

When someone sees an item several times a day, it will become part of the front end memory of your recipients. Once your brand earns a place in the front of mind location, you get more referrals and leads because your customers will find it easier to remember your brand. Gifts that are useful will enjoy a higher attention and retention and that is the prime reason that makes custom business card magnets a great choice.

Magnetic business cards will fit into any Marketing Plan

If you are planning a multifaceted marketing strategy for effective results, make sure to include business card magnets into your promotional mix. Everyone loves free gifts and that is what makes interesting handouts like custom magnets a good investment for promoting your business. Free useful stuff like magnets will never fail to grab the attention of your recipients.

 Repeat  Visibility Make valuable brand impressions

Magnets enjoy repeat visibility, which in turn will make your brand name memorable. While mailers and print ads may get forgotten after seeing once, custom magnetic cards enjoy a long shelf life and will keep your contact retails right in front of your prospective customers. Even the most brilliant print ads may only succeed in grabbing the attention of recipients but have slim chances of conversion if they lose or forget the contact information in the course of time.

Magnetic business cards will find its way to a prominent, visible spot in the recipient’s home or workplace. The best part is that it will stay for a long time and engage and inspire your audience to try out your brand. The sticking power of custom business cards is what makes it a cut above the conventional paper card stock.

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