House Shaped Calendar Magnets Have an Incredible staying power- Make use of it!

House shaped calendar magnets will earn the front-of-mind position among your audience and drives business your way for 365 days! Apart from having a full year calendar right in front of your audience, these logo items add a quirky charm to the bland surfaces. Your recipients will also find it useful to hold notes, shopping lists or kids artwork. Just imagine the exposure your brand on these attractively shaped magnets will get all year long as your recipients will see the logo and contact details every time they check dates or days of the week.

By placing your contact information on these house shape magnets your recipients will have a helpful reference that they will find useful. Make sure to enhance the value of these logo items by imprinting useful information like CPR tips, emergency numbers and more to establish your presence in the minds of your prospects. One of the best things about customized calendar magnets is that your recipients will hang on to it for a minimum of 1 year and it actually serves a purpose!

Well suited to promote all types of brands

These attractive full color  house shaped calendar magnets are well suited to promote all types of brands and businesses especially realtor services, home maintenance services and more. Make it interesting by imprinting incentives, events or holiday deals and offers. Your options are truly limitless! Calendar magnets make a reasonable and inventive way to encourage your customers and prospects to return to your business.

4.25x3.5 Custom House Shaped Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Calendar magnets can be used to increase customer loyalty

Having a loyal customer base makes the corner stone of any business. Calendar magnets can be used to increase customer loyalty with incentives like monthly discounts and promotions. Imprint specific discount days for calendar-holding customers, which will make a great way to make them feel special. Imprint calendars with useful information that complements your business. For instance, if you have a restaurant you can imprint cooking tips and recipes to make them interesting enough to be consumed by the receiver.

Easy to distribute

Calendar magnets are light weight and easy to distribute, which makes them ideal for mailer campaigns or as tradeshow swag. Recipients will love to get freebies that are easy to use and carry. Unlike many other custom gifts, calendar magnets are useful for every genre of audience and age groups, which further enhances the popularity of these budget friendly handouts. If you have a diverse audience and a limited budget in hand and need a handout that will please everyone, look no further than custom magnets.

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