Custom Calendar Magnets Make Great Brand Building Tools

It is that time of year when people look for a new calendar. It will also mean that you have a great promotional opportunity for you. Calendars make a daily use item that will help you to keep track of important dates, increase brand exposure and boost customer loyalty.

Here are some reasons that make custom calendars a great promotional tool for small businesses.

  • Affordable And useful

Though there is a mind boggling range of digital calendars to choose from, most people still love to have analog calendars like calendar magnets in front of them. Offered in a range of models, promotional calendar magnets offer a lot of branding opportunities for businesses.

3.5x4 Custom Magnetic Refrigerator Indoor Square Corner Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

  • Brand promotion for a whole Year

Calendar magnets make a 365-day reminder of your brand. By handing out imprinted calendars, your business can keep your name in front of customers and prospects for a whole year. The best part is that your brand will not just be seen by the customers who receive the calendar, but also potentially by many more of their friends, family and co-workers as well.

  • Tell about Products And Services

A calendar will make a visual display for your brand. You can make use of the 12 months of the calendars to talk about your brand, products and success stories that your recipients will find inspiring. Calendar magnets will go a long way in making your recipients well acquainted with your brand and inspire them to keep coming back for more.

  • Calendars Increase Customer Loyalty

Calendar magnets can be used to increase customer loyalty. Customize them with discount days and monthly offer deals for customers.  Imprint useful tips that bring the audience closer to your brand. For instance if you have a spa service, share some hair care tips to make your recipients feel interested in your brand. Do not talk just about your brand. Offer something that the customers will find useful because it is a great way to encourage clients to return to your brand.

  • List out events that your customers will find useful

Calendar magnets make a great way to keep your audience updated with your events like fun contests, special deals for existing customers and more. It will increase the engagement of your audience with your brand easily. Save the date calendar magnets will make a great choice in this regard. Calendar magnets make a budget friendly marketing item that will give a higher value for your investment. It is an inspiring way to encourage both your existing customers and prospects to come back to your brand more often.

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