How Business Card Magnets Enhance Your Name Recognition

Business cards are the building blocks of any successful business empire and make a great addition to a well devised marketing plan. While paper cards get trashed easily or get misplaced, magnetic business cards will make long lasting and well retained handouts that will occupy a strategic spot on refrigerator doors or filing cabinets.

What Makes Magnetic Business Cards So Valuable?

Business card magnets make a ubiquitous tool used by nearly everyone in the business world. These make a visual reminder of your brand and when they think of a need you can meet, they may not have any problem in retrieving your contact info. Handy! The best part is that these make mini billboards that grab the attention of everyone who will walk past. Magnetic business cards enjoy a very high visibility and are seen repeatedly over long periods, which will drive up your bottom line without any concerted effort.

Unlike paper cards, magnetic cards do not stay hidden in wallets or card holders as they remain on a wide angle display on fridge doors or filing cabinets. Your recipients will find it useful to affix important notes or daily reminders on places where they see. Every time your recipients see your logo when they open the fridge, your brand recognitions soars.

Tips to enhance popularity

Make your business card magnets a great value for your money marketing tool by imprinting useful information like kitchen conversion units, inspirational quotes or event lists that will bring back your recipients to the magnets more often. The more your brand is seen the more will be your customers’ familiarity with your brand.

2x3.5 Custom Law Firm Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Magnetic business cards will literally put your name into the hands of your prospects and will not get lost in piles of promotional materials or mailers. People will love to put them on fridge doors or filing cabinets to add a pop of color to the metallic surfaces. The best part is that these custom magnets will often double up as a handy hold up for the little shopping lists and reminders. Magnets have an uncanny charm to boast that everybody finds truly irresistible.

Drive up your local marketing

Business card magnets are simply great for targeted promotions and to reach out to a local audience thanks to its ease of distribution. Customize these with your brand, message, artwork, jokes or infact anything that you think will sum up your brand identity and see how these nondescript items will enhance your brand popularity.