Custom Sports Schedule Magnets- Good Handouts for Good Relations

Promotional sports schedule magnets make potent marketing tools for businesses of all types because sports is something that runs in the veins of every American. No matter whether you are based in a metropolitan area, a smaller town or village, you can easily get across your message in sports themes. All you need to do is find the favorite team of your locality and customize these magnets with their sports schedules, mascot and more to get the undivided attention of the sports fans. Needless to say, your brand on these will get as much as attention as the sports schedules. Just make sure that you are putting your marketing dollars on the best loved team of your location to get the maximum attention.

Timing matters

The time of year makes a great factor in choosing the sports schedule magnets. Make sure to distribute the seasonal sports magnets a few weeks before the actual season starts. For instance, if you are planning a holiday promotion, NASCAR sports schedule magnets will make a great choice considering the season that falls from December/ January. Baseball team schedule magnets are great for spring season events while football team schedules will be the main attractions of summer events. If you have events lined up for August or early September, Basketball schedule magnets and Hockey schedules make meaningful handouts.

3.5x4 Custom Baseball Schedule Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

By distributing it just before the start of the season while the sports fever and anticipation among fans is high, you can get the maximum results.

Earn a whole season of Brand Visibility

If you are looking for a budget friendly gift with a huge popularity index, look no further than custom sports schedule magnets. While flyers and brochures often get discarded immediately, sports schedule magnets will get displayed for several months and may even end up as team souvenirs after the season. These logo magnets will put your brand and contact information in front of the eyes of sports fans throughout your market. Schedule magnets cost you only a fraction of the traditional marketing methods like news papers or radio spots, which makes it a great choice for start ups and budget promotions.

What sticks on the fridge will make your message stick in the mind as well

Sports schedule magnets will turn the fridge doors into an attention grabbing sports billboard that will also highlight your brand. These attractive full color sports schedule magnets will find its way to the prospect’s fridge where it will be seen dozens of times every day, which drives up your brand familiarity among your audience.

Even better, when your recipients use it to check the game schedules of their favorite team or to stick up their shopping lists or little reminders, your message will remain in view long enough to sink into the user’s mind.

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