Custom Thanksgiving Magnets- Convey Your Thanks And Appreciation To Your Friends And Employees

Thanksgiving offers a fabulous opportunity for everyone to express their thanks to people who matters the most in their lives. Appreciate the goodwill, support and encouragement of your clients and employees who have made your business successful by handing out appropriate Thanksgiving gifts. The main attraction of the day will be the lavish spread of roasted turkey, pumpkin pies and other traditional delicacies followed by exchanging gifts and wishes.

Custom Thanksgiving Magnets- Convey Your Thanks And Appreciation To Your Friends And Employees

When it comes to gifts, you can even think beyond the traditional gifts like pumpkin flavored goodies or jewelry gifts and hand out something that will enjoy a longer retention with these imprinted Thanksgiving magnets. Perfect for mailers, party favors or store promotional gifts, magnets have one of the lowest costs per impression and will remain tangible tokens of your appreciation for a very long time. These full color magnets double up as fridge décor or a handy spot to keep your daily reminders or recipes!

We have an exclusive section of Thanksgiving magnets that will make your mouthpiece in conveying the holiday wish.

Stay thankful from the bottom of the heart: When emotions run high, words become few. With these heart shaped Thanksgiving magnets it becomes easier for you to express your thanks and appreciation. One of the most popular models in Thanksgiving magnets, these heart shaped wishes magnets will enjoy a warm welcome among your recipients. Bring in the beauty of the fall colors and imprint thanksgiving symbols such as turkey, cornucopia, pumpkin and other harvest crops along with your message into these magnets to complement the theme.

1.87x1.87 Custom Heart Shape Thanksgiving Magnets 20 Mil

Spread the holiday cheer: If you worry that your Thanksgiving gifts may not get the desired attention and appreciation amidst the Halloween festivities and mayhem, you can bank on this high visibility Thanksgiving car magnets that will take your message all across and keep your thanksgiving message under spotlight. Unique and attention grabbing, these magnets will get across your holiday message faster and farther. Your employees and clients will be proud to sport these tokens of appreciation over their cars and vehicles to let the world know how much they are valued by you!

12x18 Custom Thanksgiving Day Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Outdoor Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Announce the party in style: The best way to announce your thanksgiving dinner party would be these delightful circle shaped thanksgiving magnets that can be used as save the date magnets for your audience. Use it as a high visibility invitation for your Thanksgiving deals, dinner parties and other events and we bet, your recipients will never miss the date as these magnets will remain safe and secure on the fridge doors right in front of their eye span. The best part is that even after the season, it will be retained as a party memoir. Personalize it with date, time and venue of the party apart from greetings and wishes to make it a perfect holiday season handout.

1.5 Inch Custom Circle Shape Thanksgiving Magnets 20 Mil

Party favors: Oval Shape Thanksgiving Magnets 20 Mil imprinted with greetings or your family snapshots will make a great way to wind up the party and to disperse the crowd. Your guests will love to take home these party favors that will make thoughtful party souvenirs in their homes for a very long time. You can also employ custom magnets in shapes of popular Thanksgiving symbols such as cornucopia, turkey, pumpkin, corn, and wild fruits as party favors to impress your guests.

3x2 Custom Oval Shape Thanksgiving Magnets 20 Mil

Gifts that are unique and unusual will always grab easy attention from your audience. Leave nothing to chance while shopping for Thanksgiving gifts this season. You can also take a look at our facebook page for updates on custom holiday season magnets. Hurray!